Peace Trunks

What is a Peace Trunk?children reading peace trunk materials

A Peace Trunk is a circulating collection of children's literature, teacher's manuals, and activities that help children explore peacemaking and conflict management.

There are three Peace Trunks. One is designed for children in grades K-3; one for children in grades 4-7; and one for high school. The Center for Peace and Justice at George Fox University created the Peace Trunks with a grant from the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers). Additions and improvements were later funded by friends and relatives of Miguel Dyck

Each trunk includes:

  • 20 or more volumes of age-appropriate children's stories about peace and/or conflict management
  • Six to 10 manuals for adult leaders of children's educational programs
  • A selection of age-appropriate activity resources, including games, simulations, music, and projects

What can I do with a Peace Trunk?One of the Center for Peace and Justice Peace Trunks

  • Let students read stories and books independently
  • Lead games and activities exploring conflict and how to resolve it
  • Start a peer mediation program for a school or camp
  • Provide the trunks as resources for student projects
  • Use the trunks in units on a country, region, or historical period

Who can borrow a Peace Trunk?

Any adult leader of a camp, class, Sunday school, or educational program for kids.


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