Eco Projects

Hess Creek Canyon Restoration

The canyon is a beautiful place to walk with trails that follow Hess Creek. Oregon's Willamette Valley has such a mild climate, it can grow a variety of plants including non-native invasive species of plants like Himalayan Blackberries and English Ivy. Our crews work hard to restore areas choked by these invasive plant species and to create amazing places to enjoy nature.

Canyon Crew

Canyon crew at work pulling non-native invasive plant species.

The area below Munn House is now crisscrossed with logs, trails, ferns, Trilliums, Erythronium, Elderberry, shooting star, flags and other new plantings. This area used to be totally covered with blackberry and ivy.

Hess Creek Canyon.Hess Creek Canyon.Hess Creek Canyon.Hess Creek Canyon.

Rain Garden at Hancock Street House

George Fox University enjoys partnering with the Newberg community and other community groups, and has many beautiful areas on campus celebrating this relationship.

The City of Newberg, members of the Newberg community, engineering students from George Fox and the Grounds department collaborated to create a rain garden at Hancock Street House. Each team member spent 4 hours in class preparation learning how to build a rain garden before rolling up their sleeves and adding muscle to knowledge. Now, the rain from the Hancock Street House roof and surrounding hard surfaces is collected into the planting area.

Rain Garden

Rain GardenRain Garden

Bio Falls

Along Hess Creek Canyon there are several areas where "Bio Falls" have been created. These are natural rock fall areas that help eliminate erosion, slow down the pathways of water to prevent flooding and aerate the water for the creek denizens.

Bio Falls

Dan Schutter moving rock onto the canyon wall.

Bio Falls

Jesse Dillow positioning the drainage line.

Bio Falls Bio Falls

The Bio Falls during dry and wet weather (in action).

Bicycle Rack by Physical Therapy at the VAC

VAC Bicycle Rack

We support our bicycle-riding community! We're working on creating yet another beautiful, covered, bicycle station by the VAC.