2018-19 Grading Schedule

These are the submission deadlines for course grades. Please mark these dates on your calendar and consider them when you are planning your syllabi.

Faculty are expected to submit final grades in a timely manner. Final grades must be entered through PeopleSoft, due one week after the course end date. This applies to fall, spring, and summer semesters. This policy also applies to courses that do not meet the full length of the semester.

Final grading remains open throughout the semester and closes one week after the end of the semester.

Fall Spring Summer
Mid Term Grade Entry (undergrad only) 10/17-21/18 3/6-10/19
Final Grade Entry Deadline 12/23/2018 5/12/2019

Summer online (undergrad): 8/4/19

Grading closes: 9/1/2019.


Fall Semester
Wed, October 17 - Sun, October 21, Mid-semester online grade entry (traditional undergraduate only).
Sun, December 23, Final grade entry deadline.

Spring Semester
Wed, March 6 - Fri, March 10, Mid-semester grade entry (traditional undergraduate only).
Sun, May 12, Final grade entry deadline.

Summer Semester
Final grading is available through PeopleSoft throughout summer semester, May 6 - Sept 1.

Aug 4, Summer Online Session grade entry deadline

Grades are due one week after the end of each class. Final grading for summer will close on Sept 1.

Reminder: Our grading system does not contain the grades "A+" and "D-".

Transcripts: End-of-semester transcripts will be available to students 10 calendar days following the date grades are due.