Enrollment Confirmation

Enrollment confirmation has historically been established as the means to know which students are "confirmed" or participating in coursework in a given term. Currently, all students are required to complete enrollment confirmation as a part of the registration process for each term in which they wish to participate.

Enrollment confirmation currently is the final step of course registration that indicates to the institution a student has accepted the terms and conditions of their enrollment and registration activity and understand they are responsible for all charges and processes associated with their student account. Students complete an online form, accepting a terms and conditions statement which allows the university to verify their classroom participation (even virtual participation). Should students choose to decline the terms and conditions they are notified that they will need to remove the registration for a given term and complete the necessary documentation for withdrawing or taking a leave from the university.

Enrollment confirmation is only available for a period of time before and during any give term's start and stop dates. Typically enrollment confirmation is available for completion ten (10) business days prior to the start of the term and ends the first business day after the last day to withdraw from coursework within the term. The form can be found online in the students mygfu either by following the to do list item labeled "Enrollment Confirmation Form" or under the university forms heading of the student's homepage within mygfu and selecting from the list of available forms, "Enrollment Confirmation Form". Students will only see the to do list item or the form's availability once they have completed their registration and the appropriate automated processors have run to assign the checklist item in mygfu. Students are also made aware of this required step via email the morning following the checklist item's assignment and the email contains a link which directs the student right to the form (does require them to log into their mygfu account first).