Building a First Year Schedule

The following guidelines are recommendations for building a schedule with your advisor for your first year at George Fox:

  1. Select a section of LIBA 100 Knowing and Being Know. 3 credits.
  2. Your Writing Competency Milestone will be met with successful completion of a Writing Portfolio and Time Writing Assessment, both can be met while in LIBA 100.
  3. Communication requirement should be fulfilled during your freshman year. 3 credits.
  4. Select a section of BIBL 100, Bible Survey for fall or spring. 3 credits. (If you wish, you may take both BIBL 101 (fall) and BIBL 102 (spring) instead of BIBL 100. 6 credits.)
  5. Select major requirements or prerequisite courses that need to be taken the freshman year (see your advisor for more information and specific major requirements).
  6. Other courses such as HHPA activity courses or applied music classes may be selected.
Total credit hours per semester = 15-16 credits