Transfer Student Advising Information

Building a Class Schedule

During the Genesis event you will be meeting with a faculty advisor who will assist you in planning for both your fall and spring schedules. Your advisor will help you use the "planner" function in the online degree audit and online registration. If time allows, your advisor will assist you with fall registration.

Assuming we have received all official transcripts sometime prior to the Genesis event, your online degree audit should display all transfer credit that has been awarded based on equivalent coursework at George Fox. Please review your degree audit and ask your faculty advisor if you have any questions or contact the Registrar's Office.

If you have a definite interest area or major in mind, check with your advisor to see if that major has requirements that will also fulfill general education requirements. Other majors have prerequisites that need to be taken on a specific schedule to maintain appropriate progress toward graduation.

A typical semester workload at George Fox is 15-16 credits per semester. Generally, this is five three-hour courses plus a one-credit course such as an HHPA activity class or an applied music course. You may take up to 18 credits and remain within the block tuition rate (additional hours will be charged $660/hour).

Some Important Graduation Information

Residency requirements for transfer students:
  • 30 semester hours must be completed at George Fox University
  • 20 hours of the senior year must be completed at George Fox University
  • 20 of the last 30 hours must be completed at George Fox University
  • 10 hours of the major must be completed at George Fox University

Note: You must complete at least 60 hours at George Fox University to be eligible for honors at graduation.