Elementary Education (Spring Cohort w/Transfer Students)

Major: Elementary Education (Spring Cohort for transfer students - admitted to program by November)

Catalog: 2009-2010

*See DegreeWorks for correct list of classes to meet requirements
**Class offered on alternate years. Adjust schedule as necessary. See department advisor for additional information.
Recommended Course Schedule Guide
This proposed course guide is for transfer students coming into GFU with at least 62 credits. The Bible requirement includes the following, which will need to be taken along with your other coursework.
BIBL 100/101/102 Bible Survey or Lit of the Old or New Testament 3-4      
RELI 300 Christian Foundations 3      
Third Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
EDUC 334 Health/PE Methods 3 EDUC 370 Curriculum and Instruction 3
EDUC 341 Learning Theory 2 EDUC 401 Language Arts & Children's Lit 4
EDUC 240 Perspectives in Education 2 EDUC 321 Early Childhood Education 3
PSYC 311 Lifespan Human Development 3 EDUC 342 Inclusion 2
GEOG 200 Cultural Geography and Global Relations 3 EDUC 373 Fine Arts Methods 2
MATH 211 Foundations of Elementary Mathematics I 4 MATH 212 Foundations of Elementary Mathematics II 4
Total Semester Credits 17 Total Semester Credits 18
Cumulative Credits 17 Cumulative Credits 35
Fourth Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
EDUC 380 Social Studies Methods 2 EDUC 475 Student Teaching 12
EDUC 375 Student Teaching I & Cls Mgmt 2 EDUC 490 Senior Seminar 3
EDUC 402 Literacy Methods 4      
EDUC 322 Early Childhood Methods 3      
EDUC 313 Elementary Mathematics Methods 2      
EDUC 383 Science Methods 2      
GEED 490 Senior Capstone 3      
Total Semester Credits 18 Total Semester Credits 15
Cumulative Credits 53 Cumulative Credits 68
    Total Credits for Degree 126.0


WRIT 110 may be waived with a verbal SAT score of 670 or higher. Math requirement may be waived with a math SAT score of 600 or higher.

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