Freshman Genesis Advising Information

Building a Freshman Schedule

During the Genesis event you will be meeting with a faculty advisor who will assist you in planning for both your fall and spring schedules. Your advisor will help you use the "planner" function in the online degree audit and online registration. If time allows, your advisor will assist you with fall registration.

If you have a definite interest area/major in mind, check with your advisor to see if that major has requirements that will also fulfill general education requirements. Others have prerequisites that need to be taken the freshman year.

You will need to take a minimum of 15 credits one semester and 16 credits the other semester to have sophomore status the following year. You may take up to 18 credits and remain within the block tuition rate. Academic Success Program (ASP) students are limited to 15 credits their first semester.

All traditional matriculating freshmen are required to take LIBA 100 Knowing and Being Known their first semester. If you are anticipating being on an athletic team you should select a section of LIBA 100 that does not conflict with practice and event schedules.

Guidelines for Building a First Year Schedule

Alternative Credit Information