Why can’t I park on the sidewalk for just a minute?

Because fire regulations require that this area be kept clear at all times. Students and staff will be allowed to pull into the fire lane as long as they stay in their vehicle. If vehicles are left unattended, they will be ticketed.

Why must permits be stuck to the window? Why can’t I use scotch tape or a suction cup?

The permit must be placed directly on the vehicle rear window glass or bumper (and not on top of another permit) so that it will stay in place for the entire school year. When scotch tape and suction cups are used, some students remove their permits and park in restricted areas. Identifying these vehicles adds to labor cost and frequently involves help from agencies off campus. “Sticking” the permit to the window or bumper eliminates this problem. The permits have been designed to be removable when through using them.

Why do part-time students have to pay the same amount for a parking permit as full-time students?

In many cases, the number of credit hours taken is not related to the frequency of a student being on campus. A student taking 12 credit hours may be here just two days per week, while a student taking 6 credit hours may be on campus five days a week. This is not always the case, but you cannot compare frequency of parking to the number of credit hours/classes taken.

Why do I get tickets for not displaying my permit when I have purchased one?

The permit associates you with the University. Without it, anyone could park on campus. If you purchased a permit and it is not displayed, the security officer has no way to know that you are registered until the citation is processed. In that case, you won’t be charged for an unregistered vehicle, but the charges for non-placement and any other violation will remain.

I have a medical condition and can't walk across campus-what do I do?

Special parking accommodation is available for injured students. Contact Security for details.

We are sure there are many more questions so please feel free to call security at 503-554-2090. Remember, the right answers to your questions start with us.