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All motor-driven conveyances will be governed as vehicles and must be registered. All vehicles parked on campus or used to commute to campus must be registered and insured according to Oregon state law, must display a valid license plate, must be registered with the department of motor vehicles in the owner's state of residency, and must be operable. No ATVs, trailers, or boats are allowed on campus.

George Fox University Security Services issues various types of parking permits. These permits are assigned based on the vehicle owner's type of activity at the university. Essential permit exchanges (due to a change of vehicles or replacement of windshield) are available at no extra cost.

Employee Permits: Employees are entitled to one permit. The initial permit fees are waived as a benefit of employment. An additional permit can be purchased for $5 cash at the Security Office. A change of vehicle or license plate numbers requires an update of your vehicle registration information on MyGFU. Bring the information to the Security Office, or email Nadine Kincaid at with the pertinent information, changes or deletions. 

Adjunct Permits: This policy is to clarify the permit process for adjunct faculty.

  • Undergraduate student adjuncts, or teaching or coaching assistants, will be required to register their vehicles as students and to park in the designated areas for their permit.
  • Adjuncts who are not students will be issued a GFU Faculty/Staff permit. If they are not returning we ask that they return the permit at the end of term they are teaching. This permit must be displayed from their inside rear view mirror and be visible to the security staff.

Student Permits: Every student is required to register their vehicle on MyGFU each academic year.

  • Furnish all vehicle information required at registration. This information is best found on your DMV registration paper.

Student parking permits are $120 per academic year or $60/semester. The $60 is automatically billed to the student's account once a permit is issued and again during Christmas break for spring semester for those who were registered in the fall. A change of vehicle or license plate numbers requires notification to Security Services. Students going on Consortium for the spring must scrape off their parking permit and bring it to the security office the last day of fall semester. If you do not bring the permit to Security you may be charged for spring semester.

Student parking permits are divided into five categories:

  • Commuter: full- or part-time student (including people auditing classes) who lives off campus
  • Resident East: full-time student living in campus facilities on east side of canyon.
  • Resident West: resident living west of canyon, including Canyon Suites
  • Morse Lot: RE or RW may purchase. Lot is located next to softball field.
  • Austin Lot: FREE permit, located off of Crestview Drive near Austin Sports Complex and Northside Church
  • Graduate: Parking for graduate students surrounding Roberts Center.  

Temporary permits: Employees and students bringing a vehicle on campus for no more than two weeks during the school year may be issued a gratis temporary permit. Security Services requires the license plate number of the vehicle and the estimated dates that the vehicle will be on campus. Notification to Security Services and permit issue may take place prior to bringing the vehicle to campus or as soon as the vehicle arrives.

Temporary permits are free and available 24/7 by the on-duty security officer. Just pick up the yellow phone on the security building or call 503-554-2090 and you will be connected to the officer on duty.

Visitor permits: Security Services is eager to welcome visitors to the George Fox University campus. To ensure the continual safety of all individuals on the campus grounds, visitors are encouraged to register their vehicles at the Security Services office and to display a visitor permit. Security Services requires the license plate number of the vehicle and the estimated dates that the vehicle will be on campus.

Daytime visitors are encouraged to register upon campus arrival. All overnight guests are required to obtain a visitor's permit at the Security Services office and to park in designated visitor's spaces. The visitor permits are gratis and may be obtained from the on-duty officer 24/7.

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General Parking and Vehicle Guidelines

Parking is not allowed under any circumstance:
  • By yellow curbs
  • In doctors' offices lots (towing will occur)
  • In disabled parking spaces without a valid permit properly displayed
  • In the striped zones adjacent to designated disabled parking spaces. These are ADA unloading zones.
  • Within ten feet of a fire hydrant
Student parking is not allowed:
  • By the Bruin Store/Murdock Learning Resource Center/Klages Center post office areas, and the Hoover and Stevens lots reserved for staff
  • In parking lots and reserved areas designated for faculty, staff, and services. George Fox University students, including student employees, are not considered staff or visitors and may not use spaces so designated.

Each employee or student is permitted only one motor vehicle on campus at any time.

Vehicles are limited to parking on streets, in designated parking lots, and in marked spaces only. Canyon roads and trails are service roads for pedestrians and maintenance vehicles only. The maximum speed on campus is 15 mph. Any disabled vehicles will be towed. Only minor repairs (e.g., fixing a flat tire, jump-starting a vehicle) are permitted on campus.

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Disabled Parking Spaces

George Fox University has a number of spaces designated for disabled parking; a valid disabled permit must be properly displayed to avoid a citation. Special parking accommodation is available for injured students-contact security for details.

Designated disabled parking spaces are available in the following lots:
  • Bauman/Ross
  • Edward Stevens Center
  • Edwards Holman Science Center/Hoover/Wood-Mar
  • Edwards Residence Hall
  • Le Shana lot
  • Pennington Residence Hall
  • Sutton Residence Hall
  • Roberts Academic Center

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Off-Campus Parking Regulations

Due to crowded adjacent city streets, George Fox University requests that all employees, students, and visitors park in designated George Fox University parking facilities only. This is not a city ordinance or city administrative issue, but a way for George Fox University to be a responsible member of the Newberg community and to promote a positive witness. This is called the "Good Neighbor Policy."

The included map indicates areas available for student parking. Student vehicles found outside marked areas will be ticketed. The authority to ticket off-campus comes from the university's ability to establish policies governing student conduct. Failure to comply with this policy is the same as failure to obey any university rule or policy. Students receiving tickets for parking in restricted off-campus areas will be treated as any other violator of parking policies. Parking on-campus is a privilege which can be revoked.

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 Parking policies are subject to enforcement 7:00 AM-5:00 PM Mon-Fri. Registered students may park in any lot after 5:00pm but must be in their designated lots before next business day. Violations for fire lane, reserved space, ADA parking, or blocking are enforced 24/7.  

A vehicle in violation of policy may be issued a ticket, immobilized, or towed. Security Services handles the processing of parking citations issued on campus. The following violations are subject to the listed fine or towing:

Violation Fee
1st offense
3rd 4th 5th or more
DMV Search Fee $10
Non-registered vehicle $50 $80 $125 $200 Vehicle Immobilzed
Parking in a staff lot $20 $35 $45 $55 Vehicle Immobilized
Parking in reserved area $20 $35 $45 $55 Vehicle Immobilized
Parking in wrong lot $20 $35 $45 $55 Vehicle Immobilized
Parking in neighborhood $20 $35 $60 $80 Vehicle Immobilized
Permit not properly displayed $15 " "
Parking by yellow curb (fire lane)/blocking fire hydrant (not eligible for appeal) $50 " "
Improper parking $15 " "
Near building exit/under roof or porch $15 " "
Parking on sidewalk/Lawn $15 " "
Blocking vehicles/roadway/driveway $25 " "
Placing previously issued citation on vehicle $35 " "
Handicapped parking (not eligible for appeal) $100 " "

Vehicles are subject to tow. Oregon State Parking Rules and George Fox University Parking Policies apply.

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Discipline and Payment of Fines

The individual to whom the vehicle is registered is responsible for all tickets to the vehicle.

Student fines will be charged to the student's account. Fines can be paid in person at the Student Financial Services office located in the Stevens Center.

Employee fees for lost permits ($5 cash), need to be paid at the Security Services office. 

Vehicle Booting Policy

For repeated violations campus parking privileges may be denied for the balance of the semester or one year. If at the time a citation is issued, the vehicle has had previous tickets for unregistered vehicle or 5 or more tickets, then the vehicle may be towed or immobilized, and campus parking privileges may be denied for the balance of the year. If a student receives three or more citations including two for non-registration, the Student Life office may be consulted concerning disciplinary sanctions.

The Boot may be used in the following situations:

  1. When any vehicle has received 3 or more non-registered vehicle citations and the student has neglected to contact Campus Public Safety.
  2. When any vehicle has received 5 citations or more for the same or similar offense. The student has made no attempt to respond to tickets and ask for clarification from Campus Public Safety. 

Removal of the Boot process for #1 above

The student must fill out a vehicle registration form on the spot and the permit will be applied by the student to their vehicle prior to the removal of the Boot. The last offense for the non-registered vehicle will be dropped and the student will only be charged a non-refundable fee of $60 for the permit. (any other fines for the non-registered vehicle will remain and are unappealable). If the owner of the vehicle does not come to the security office and register within 48 hours of immobilization the non-action will be cause for the vehicle to be towed from campus at the owner's expense. We will consider the vehicle abandoned.

Removal of the Boot process for No. 2 above

The student will sign an agreement stating they will come and talk with the director of security within seven days. If the owner of the vehicle does not come to the security office within 48 hours of immobilization this will be cause for the vehicle to be towed from campus at the owners expense; we will consider the vehicle abandoned. If violations continue after the meeting, parking privileges will be revoked. This could lead to the towing of the vehicle if the vehicle is found in violation of the university's parking policies. Towing will be used only as a last resort.

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Ticket Appeal Process

The George Fox parking policies are designed to ensure that university parking facilities are able to serve all university residential and commuter students, employees and guests – and to maintain positive relationships with private property owners living within and near University property.

The university requires Security Services to enforce the parking policies by patrolling parking areas and streets, and issuing citations to those in violation of these policies.

If you received a parking citation but believe that you were parked in compliance with the university parking policies, you may appeal that citation. The appeal will be reviewed by a panel not connected with the Security Services department. Any questions about appeal should be directed to Jere Witherspoon (Student Life Office) within 14 calendar days of the citation. Any violations not appealed within the 14-day review cycle will be considered an acknowledgment of the violation and the fees will be charged accordingly. Appeals attempted after the 14-day review window will not be accepted.

Unacceptable Appeal Reasons: Invalid excuses include, but are not limited to:

Ignorance or lack of knowledge of George Fox parking policies


Bad weather

Borrowed or used other vehicle

Class schedules

Did not get a copy of the citation

Did not get up in time to move vehicle

Did not have time to register vehicle

Did not see any signs or markings


Forgot to appeal the citation

Forgot to move vehicle

Forgot to notify Security Services

Forgot to put permit up

Job or work schedule

Lack of parking

Late for class/Chapel

Hours of darkness


Illness/injury (need proof of illness/injury from a physician, in many cases we can provide special circumstances permit on a temporary basis)

Someone else forgot to move or park my vehicle

Other people park there

Parked for a short time

Permit fell off (Contact Security at 503-554-2090 to find out about a replacement permit.)

Someone other than Security Services gave me permission to park

Time of arrival

Too tired

Too far to walk

Vehicle had some sort of mechanical problem


Reasons for Granting an Appeal

Appeals may be granted for two reasons:

  1. There is substantial evidence the appellant did not commit the violation for which the citation was issued.
  2. The appellant may have committed the violation, but circumstances were not under the appellant’s control.
    Prior to being issued the ticket, the appellant made an attempt to notify Security Services of the situation.

*Remember – The issue in your appeal is not whether the parking regulations are fair, but whether you violated those regulations.

  • Security Services has no ability to hear or grant appeals and is not part of the parking appeals board.
  • The parking appeals board will convene weekly to consider appeals. You will be notified of the board's decision in writing.
  • If you parked in a handicapped or yellow curb (fire lane) area, you may not appeal the citation.
  • Citation fines will be posted to your student account within a few days after receiving your citation, even if you appeal. If the appeal is granted, the fine will be credited back to your account.
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