Parking Regulations

George Fox University Security Services' primary concern is the safety and well-being of campus facility users. The following policy outlines campus parking and traffic regulations in an attempt to familiarize and explain safety protocols to the George Fox University community. Adjustments to regulations may occur and will be publicized; it is the duty of the vehicle owners to be aware of such changes.

Every vehicle on campus grounds is subject to these regulations and will be cited with a fine if found in violation. Parking violations occur against a vehicle and not a particular driver; the registered owner is responsible for all infractions cited against their vehicle. Citations are resolved by payment unless grounds for appeal exist. Appeals are made through the Student Life Office. Appeals must be submitted to the Student Life Office within ten calendar days of the citation; once the appeal period has expired, the option becomes forfeit, and a non-refundable charge is charged to the vehicle owner's financial services account.

Parking Topics

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