Financial Aid

Why do we think financial aid is so important?

At George Fox University, we know that choosing a college or university involves many different factors including cost. We want to provide students with all the information we can to help them make the right decision.

When students explore what it will cost to attend George Fox University or any other college remember there is a real difference between the total cost of their education (tuition, living expenses, books, fees, and other expenses) and the amount they're expected to pay. Financial aid is meant to reduce the gap between the two. To make an informed decision, students need to consider that total cost, the amount they are expected to contribute and the amount and type of financial aid that is offered.

Virtually every George Fox student who can demonstrate financial need is awarded funds to assist in meeting the cost of attendance. Need may be met with financial aid, including grants, scholarships, and loans. Whenever federal funds are part of the financial aid package, the total of all aid cannot exceed the need determined by the FAFSA. Exceptions to this rule include the Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, which may be borrowed regardless of need or financial aid provided. If offered an outside scholarship after receiving a financial aid award, it may be necessary to reduce part of a students original financial aid award (usually a loan) to avoid exceeding your need.

Not only will we do everything possible to help make it financially affordable for students to enroll at George Fox University, we are devoted to making it possible for students to graduate from George Fox. We endeavor to support our mission in the following ways:

  • by providing students with services that facilitate their educational experience in a manner reflective of the university's values
  • by providing excellence in customer service
  • by being Christ-minded and treating others with love, dignity, and respect
  • by providing information that is accurate and honest

We are committed to serving all of our students as Jesus would, by helping them grow to be their very best as we build relationships with love, concern, compassion, and good stewardship.

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