Grants & Scholarships

Federal and State Grant Programs

The Federal Pell Grant and the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) is awarded to high need students according to eligibility standards set by the federal government. Funds from these programs are available only to students who file the FAFSA and demonstrate high need. The Oregon Opportunity Grant from the Oregon Student Assistance Commission is awarded to students based on eligibility standards set by state regulations, results from the FAFSA and state residency.

University Grants

The university awards The George Fox University Need Grant to needy full-time students to supplement funds provided by federal and state programs. If eligible based on financial need from the FAFSA, a student with insufficient state or federal funds may receive a grant.George Fox University reserves the right to reduce or eliminate university grant or scholarship funding at anytime due to deadlines and award criteria.

University Merit Scholarships (2012-13 and prior)

University merit scholarships are awarded to students upon admission to the university.  Merit scholarships will be renewed each year (at the same level) the student attends as a fulltime undergraduate with a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and maintains satisfactory academic progress

George Fox University reserves the right to reduce or eliminate university grant or scholarship funding at anytime due to deadlines and award criteria.

Performance Grants

Forensics, Music, and Drama Achievement Scholarships

There are awards that are made each year to talented, prospective students who show promise of achievement in forensics, drama, and music. To remain eligible for these grants students must be fulltime, maintain satisfactory academic progress and follow the guidelines set by each department.   

Special Grants (2012-13 and prior)

A limited number of special grants are offered to students to encourage and enable them to attend George Fox University. Continuation of these grants requires that the student is fulltime, files the FAFSA, has good academic standing and maintains satisfactory academic progress.

Grants of $1,500 each are awarded to dependents of active ministers and missionaries.

California residents with financial need may receive a grant of $1,400.

Any fulltime student with need from a Friends church may receive a grant of $1,400.

International Student Grants - for Second Year or Returning International Students

Along with the GPA requirements below, returning students receiving the International Student Grant are required to follow the college code of conduct and be actively involved in campus life.

International Student Grant

George Fox GPA Scholarship Amount
4.0 or Full GPA $15,000
3.8+ $13,000
3.5+ $11,000
3.0+ $10,000
2.4+ $6,000
2.0+ $4,000
Below 2.0 No scholarship

Family Discounts (2012-13 and prior)

Tuition discounts equal to approximately 5 percent of tuition will be granted to second and additional primary family members (excluding spouses who have married while in school) when more than one member of the same family is enrolled at the university as traditional fulltime undergraduates at the same time. New students are awarded through the admissions application process. Continuing students must notify the Student Financial Services office that they are eligible for this award prior to the add/drop deadline in the Fall term for the academic year awarded.

Other George Fox University Scholarships

George Fox offers many designated and endowed scholarships given by friends of the university.  These scholarships are awarded by the academic departments and the Scholarship Committee of the University and are offered to continuing students only. The application process for these scholarships is open between Mid-December through Mid-February of each academic year and is accessible through the students MyGFU, Newberg UG Scholarship link.  Students are notified through their GFU email account when the application process becomes available

External Scholarship Information

External scholarships must be counted as part of your total financial aid award.  These can be reported to your financial aid counselor through your MyGFU sign-in. 

There are many scholarship opportunities for students from sources outside George Fox University.  Students can locate scholarships through online searches.  Students should never pay a fee in order to apply for a scholarship.

Additional scholarship information can be found at the following links:

Click here for a listing of scholarships that George Fox has received from outside sources. - For Oregon residents only - Free scholarship search website - Free scholarship search website

George Fox University reserves the right to reduce or eliminate university grant or scholarship funding at anytime due to deadlines and award criteria.

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