Service + Ministry

SpIL Trips

SpIL Trips are one- to four-week-long immersion and service trips during the winter, spring and summer breaks through which students learn and work alongside both domestic and international partner organizations that are working to bridge disparities of all kinds in the name and mission of Christ.

These experiences are designed to provide a great way for students to both get a taste and to get involved in Christ's mission and ministry of reconciliation throughout the world. Our trips take students to both urban and rural communities around the world (Romania, Moldova, Kenya, China, San Francisco, Yakima Indian Reservation, Neah Bay, Seattle, Portland, and Christian campgrounds, as well as various locations and communities which have recently experienced natural disasters) to work primarily in supportive service to our partner organizations as they keep their long-term commitments to Christian community development in the neighborhoods, villages and cities.

SpILgrimage partner organizations include Word Made Flesh, Forward Edge, Open Arms International, the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, Urban Impact, Mending Wings, HomePDX, ReImagine, Five Rock Ranch and Twin Rocks Friends Camp.

Visit the SpIL Trip  information pages  to learn more information about how to get involved.

Community Services includes a variety of different opportunities to serve Newberg and the surrounding community. James Project is a weekly service event that sends groups of students into the community to perform a wide variety tasks for people who are in need. Adopt-A-Grandparent partners with Friendsview to connect students with a resident for one hour each week.

Visit the  Service Opportunities page  to learn more information about how to get involved.

Global Outreach & Service Partnerships

Urban Outreach  travels weekly to locations in Portland and Salem to learn and serve in tandem with organizations and collaboratives (i.e. Bridgetown Ministries, HomePDX, the Portland and Salem Leadership Foundations, MLK Day of Service, Word Made Flesh, and others) where we seek to both meet and serve Christ while learning and serving alongside people experiencing firsthand the complex problems of poverty, hunger, homelessness, human trafficking, racism, sexism, and other systemic inequities.

Visit the  Urban Outreach information page  to learn more information about how to get involved.

Global Outreach & Missions seeks to connect students interested in long-term, vocational global ministry and missions with information, networking, educational forums and conferences (i.e. global ministry "Expos" and special events and classes on campus, "The Justice Conference", "Beggars Society Forums", etc.) raising awareness of reconciliation ministry, Christian community development, and missions going on around today's world.


Please contact Rusty St. Cyr, associate pastor for outreach and service, at or stop by the  Sheridan Street House or the Annex Office in the Klages Center for more information on how to get involved. We appreciate your thoughts and questions, and we are very excited to serve with you this year.