Service + Ministry

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#serveYEAR = Ongoing proximity & partnership-building with...

  • Neighbors in Foster Care 
  • Global Neighbors: 
    • Immersion & Service (SpiL) Trips are one- to four-week-long immersion and service trips during the winter, spring and summer breaks through which students learn and work alongside both domestic and international partner organizations that are working to bridge disparities of all kinds in the name and mission of Christ.

      These experiences are designed to provide a great way for students to both get a taste and to get involved learning and serving towards community development in the way of Christ Jesus throughout the world. SpiL trips take students to both urban and rural communities around the world (Romania, Moldova, Kenya, China, San Francisco, Yakima Indian Reservation, Neah Bay, Seattle, Portland, and Christian campgrounds, as well as various locations and communities which have recently experienced natural disasters) to work primarily in supportive service to our partner organizations as they keep their long-term commitments to Christian community development in the neighborhoods, villages and cities.  SpiL Trip partner organizations includeThe Global Immersion Project, World Relief Sacramento, Word Made Flesh, Open Arms International, Evangelical Friends Mission,  Seattle Urban Impact, Mending Wings/SLAM trips, Camp Attitude, among others.  

  • Neighbors with intellectual or developmental disabilities 
  • Neighbors in Retirement
    • Fox & Friendsview connects students with people of older generations at Friendsview Retirement & Avamere communities. This is a relational ministry that allows students and neighbors in retirement to pursue mutually benefiting connections.

  • Helping Neighbors 
    • Saturday "James Project"/Community Service  includes a variety of different opportunities to serve Newberg and the surrounding communities. James Project is a weekly service event that sends groups of students into the community to work alongside partner organizations (like Love INC, Habitat for Humanity, Faith in Action, etc.) to perform a wide variety tasks needed to support our neighbors in the community.  

  • Neighboring Schools 
    • Little+Big Bruins is an umbrella title depicting four different ways of serving to partner with Newberg Public School Counselors and Teachers in serving local kids:  Big Bruins/1-on-1 mentoring, Volunteer Coaching/Club Advising, Homework Helpers, Special Projects. These volunteer opportunities seek to encourage the well-being of youth and volunteers alike by establishing trusting relationships and opportunities to achieve. 

  • Under-resourced Neighbors 
    • We Dine Together offers regular opportunities for immersion and service in Newberg and Portland to learn and serve in alongside organizations seeking not only to serve Christ, but also to encounter Christ, alongside people experiencing firsthand the complex problems of poverty, hunger, homelessness, human trafficking, racism, sexism, and other systemic inequities.  


Have questions? Seeking Spiritual Direction or Mutual Mentoring?  

Please contact Rusty St. Cyr, Associate Campus Pastor for Service & Christian Community Development, at or stop by the  Sheridan Street (SpiL) House or the SpiL Desk in Hadlock Student Activities Center for more information on how to get involved. We appreciate your thoughts and questions, and we are very excited to learn and serve with you this year.