Little Bruins

What is Little Bruins?

The Little Bruin program is an umbrella that incorporates three youth organizations in the Newberg Public School District: Big Bruins, MyZone, and AVID. These programs seek to encourage the well-being of youth and volunteers alike by establishing trusting relationships and opportunities to achieve.

Big Bruins

Much like Big Brother/Sister programs, Big Bruins are George Fox students that are paired one-to-one with a student from an Elementary or Middle School in the Newberg Public School District. Big Bruins meet and establish a relationship with Little Bruins to model positive living. The Big Bruins program requires GFU students to visit their Little Bruin for at least one hour a week, and to attend 2-3 Little Bruin parties a year. For more information, contact Alexa Aldridge:

MyZone Youth Activity Center 

Located at Newberg Christian Church on 2315 Villa Rd, MyZone is a drop in center for middle schoolers Monday-Friday, 3-5pm. At MyZone, youth are given the choice to play gym games, watch movies on a 15 by 20 ft. projector, play video games, study, or attend many of MyZone's life skill building exercises (cooking, mechanics, music, etc). Last spring, 2016, an average of 100 Newberg children attended MyZone every day. MyZone is completely volunteer operated and seeks to provide a free after school program for youth without the means to attend other options. MyZone wants to welcome all George Fox Students as potential mentors to Newberg youth. Register to be a MyZone volunteer here, or for more information contact MyZone:

AVID Tutoring

Nationally recognized as a certified tutoring program, AVID seeks to build the skills necessary to succeed academically. AVID boasts incredible success rates: 99% graduation rate, 77% college acceptance rate, 60% college graduation rate.  Along with the success of its students, AVID is an excellent source of experience for volunteers. Along with background checks, 8 hours of training, and a compatible schedule with Newberg Class schedules are necessary for volunteering. For more information, contact Sean Robertson:

Online Forms

Applications and references are due online; please apply using this link. Training and background checks will occur on Serve Day, September 14th. 

If you have any further questions, contact Alexa Aldridge or Sean Robertson at or