Urban Outreach


We Dine Together, regularly, alongside both under-resourced neighbors as well as Christian community development organizations seeking not only to serve Christ, but also to encounter and learn from Christ while in better proximity to people who are experiencing firsthand the complex problems of poverty, hunger, homelessness, racism, sexism, sexual exploitation and trafficking, and many other barriers to their flourishing as people made in God's image with dignity, purpose and gifts to share in community.

We Dine Together in various locations from Newberg Community Dinners in local churches to street-side "Nightstrikes" in Portland Because People Matter. We volunteer with food and clothing drives with  Newberg FISH and HomePDX. We help by serving alongside local ministry partners who have been doing these ministries for years. We learn by brief immersion and by offering a humble, listening presence, honest and curious questions, prayer, humor, food, clothing, and friendship in whatever ways we can that contribute to community development. The goals of these encounters are to get to know the people, re-establish their dignity as made in God's image and draw out and encourage their dignity, gifts, strengths, and dreams. 

Regular ministry trips are organized and  from the Sheridan St (SpiL) House &/or the Hadlock Student Center. Transportation to and from all events is provided when possible.

If you are interested in participating in either of these ministries, please contact spirituallife@georgefox.edu