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Act Six Program Scholars

Leadership Programs

The intercultural life department seeks to raise awareness of diversity and cultural issues, support and advocate for underrepresented student groups and to develop a diverse pool of leaders for the George Fox campus and community. In addition to the stellar efforts of the George Fox admissions office, we maintain valuable partnerships with top-notch leadership organizations which allow us to recruit and provide scholarships to some of the most talented scholars in the Northwest. Our current trio of multicultural scholarships include the Act Six, Multicultural Leadership and South Central scholarships.

Scholarship Requirements

In addition to individual scholarship requisites, all George Fox multicultural scholarship recipients must:

  • Maintain a 2.5 or better GPA
  • Attend the Mosaic Retreat at the start of their freshman year (excludes Returning MLS recipients)
  • Attend monthly class-level leadership meetings
  • Lead or actively participate in two or more leadership/service events or activities each semester (at least one of which must be as a volunteer)
  • Attend bi-monthly “All Scholars” meetings
  • Meet with the director of intercultural life as required

Act Six Scholarship Program

Act Six logo

This leadership and scholarship initiative is the Northwest's only full-tuition, full-need scholarship for emerging urban community leaders who want to use their college education to make a difference on campus and in their communities at home.

Multicultural Leadership Scholarship Program

As a core value, George Fox University is committed to living out our commitment to reflect the diversity of God's kingdom. In order to live out this value, we have created a program that is designed to recruit and retain student leaders who are committed to diversity (ethnicity, socio-economic status, and physical disability) and have a passion for promoting multicultural awareness. More information is available on the Scholarship Competition website.

South Central Scholarship Program

Through this partnership with the South Central Scholars program, George Fox University awards scholarships to highly motivated, talented students from under-resourced communities of Los Angeles County so that they might achieve academic and personal success in college and beyond.