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Multicultural Program leaders

Multicultural Programs

The Office of Intercultural Life is committed to the support and development of students as they transition into college life and leadership.

The Mosaic Retreat

Peer2Peer Mentors

The Mosaic Retreat is a two-day, community-building experience for incoming Act Six, Multicultural Leadership and South Central scholars. Through a variety of team-building activities and discussions, scholars, peer mentors and IL staff plant seeds that will grow into the relationships needed to successfully navigate their college life.

Peer2Peer Mentors

The Peer2Peer program was created to provide first-year multicultural scholars with a student mentor who serves as a knowledgeable friend, helping to ease the stress of the first semester and to reduce the culture shock that often comes with entering a new community. Interested in becoming a mentor? For qualifications or for more information, click the link below or contact Danielle Thomas, intern program coordinator, at dthomas14@georgefox.edu.


  • Must be currently enrolled as a George Fox student, sophomore or higher
  • Maintain a minimum 2.8 GPA
  • Strong communication skill; ability to motivate peers
  • Knowledge of or interest in helping to create a more diverse campus environment
  • Strong knowledge of campus resources
  • Possess an understanding of multicultural issues


  • Mentor 3-6 first-year students through the fall semester
  • Maintain weekly meetings schedule with mentees (30-60 mins. ea)
  • Monthly meetings with P2P Coordinator
  • Monthly meetings with peer mentors
  • Attend summer training and retreat


  • Mentors receive a monthly stipend of $50.

Cultural Ambassadors

At George Fox we are committed to developing a diverse force of culturally competent leaders. The Cultural Ambassadors program was created to provide students with an understanding and appreciation for the multicultural kingdom of God and to provide our campus with a supply of culturally aware and sensitive leaders who are equipped and inclined to pursue and serve a diverse campus community.

Ambassadors are students with a desire to participate in racial reconciliation and to promote an intercultural community on campus.

  • Six to 10 students are selected each October to participate in this second semester program.
  • Weekly small group trainings include:
    • thought-provoking information
    • lively discussion and personal reflection - students are challenged and encouraged to acknowledge, accept and appreciate what is uniquely culturally significant about themselves and others
  • Ambassadors complete their training by attending the SCORR Conference at Biola University in La Mirada, Calif., in February.

If you are interested in applying to be an Ambassador, contact Danielle Thomas at dthomas14@georgefox.edu or click the link below for more information. Applications available online in October.


  • George Fox freshman through Junior
  • Strong interest diversity and racial reconciliation
  • Leadership interest and ability


  • Attend one-day team retreat
  • Attend weekly 75-minute trainings (Jan. 11 through March 4)
  • Maintain a reflection journal
  • Participate in weekly discussion/activities
  • Attend SCORR Conference in California, Feb. 2016 (expenses paid)
  • Participate in conference fundraising activities