Additional Financial Information

Traditional Undergraduates

Schedule of Required Deposits

All prospective students are required to pay an enrollment deposit by the date established by their specific program. For more information, please see the enrollment deposit page.

For returning students living in University housing, the housing deposit process each spring is dependent on students being financially cleared. For the housing deposit to be accepted as a deposit, all account charges must be paid in full, regardless of due date, or current on a payment plan.  In addition, the student must stop by Student Financial Services for a Housing Deposit Confirmation Form.

Financial Arrangements

Payment is due one week prior to the first day of the semester, or may be made on an installment basis through an approved Monthly Payment Plan (an installment set-up fee applies). Students who anticipate receiving scholarships, grants, or loans must complete all necessary arrangements well in advance of the semester start so that aid can disburse to pay the account by the payment due date. Students who are securing a loan from financial institutions or agencies (e.g., a federally insured bank loan) that may still be pending when payment is due must have a letter of commitment from the lender acceptable to the university. Past due accounts will still be subject to late fees even if financial aid and loans are pending; therefore the application process should be started early.

Preregistered courses may be dropped without notice if payment for current due charges is delinquent. In addition, students may be asked to leave at any time during a semester if appropriate payment arrangements have not been made prior to the beginning of the semester or if arrangements made are not honored.

Failure to Meet Financial Obligations

In the event that a student does not follow through with the financial arrangements promised, the student will be subject to the following penalties:

Late Payment Fees

Charges not paid when due are subject to a 1% per month service charge on the past due balance. Should placement with an outside collection agency become necessary, the student will be responsible for all collection/attorney fees assessed to collect the outstanding debt.

Insufficient Funds incur a $25 fee per check or failed automatic debit.

Restriction of Registration, Transcripts, and University Services

Students will not be permitted to attend or register for a new semester until their account is brought current; this includes Juniors Abroad and summer field experience. When an account is repeatedly delinquent, a student may be required to pay prior to registering.  The University will withhold transcript of records and diploma until all charges on account have been paid, regardless of due date for those charges.

Financial Ramifications Regarding a Leave of Absence or Withdraw

Minor schedule changes made after 5:00pm on Friday of the first week of the semester are subject to a Registration Change Fee of $25 per transaction.*  Students should contact their Financial Aid Counselor if a change in schedule results in a change in enrollment status. Students not enrolled for the minimum number of credits may lose financial aid.

For more information regarding the financial ramifications for a leave of absence and/or withdraw, please see the Removal of Institutional Charges and Financial Aid Policies page in the Policies section.

* Due to the intensified schedule for May Term, the Registration Change Fee applies to changes made after 5:00pm on the second day of class.