Undergraduate Online Forms

The links on this page allow students to print forms that need to be filled out and submitted to Student Financial Services. To view and print many of the forms, students will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. The documents or links available on this page are:

A. Checklist for Traditional Undergraduate Students

This checklist is designed to introduce Traditional Undergraduate students to a few of the steps that for most students are necessary for each new academic year. The checklist is designed to help students move forward confidently and on schedule. It is not designed to be all-inclusive, but rather to address areas that are important when dealing with student finances.

Traditional Undergraduate Checklist Fall 2019

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B. Payment Estimator - Traditional Undergraduate Students

This will help traditional undergraduate students plan for the financial aspects of paying for college and sign up for a monthly payment plan. Students who have a financial aid award notice will want to use that to assist in filling out this estimator.

Undergraduate Payment Estimator 2019-20

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C. Payment Selection Form - Traditional Undergraduate

Traditional Undergraduate Payment Selection Form

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D. Payment Agreement - Traditional Undergraduate

E. Additional FERPA Releases Form (To be Completed by Student Only)

The FERPA form is completed by a student in order to give Student Financial Services permission to speak with designated people about their account. This is in addition to any persons listed on the Student Account Payment Agreement (see above). Without this form on file, we are limited in what we are able to discuss with others, such as a spouse or a parent. Only the student may complete the form. Permissions granted by the completion of this form may be rescinded at any time by the student.

FERPA Release Form

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F. External Scholarship Deferral Request Form - Traditional Undergraduate

If you are expecting to receive an external scholarship that has not or will not likely be received by the University prior to the start of the semester, you must submit a Traditional Undergraduate External Scholarship Deferral Request Form in addition to a copy of your scholarship notification to avoid late payment penalties.

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G. W-9S Request for Student's Identification Number

Students who have not furnished their SSN or ITIN can do so by completing the W-9S Request for Student's Identification Number. For more information, please see page 2 of the form. Additional education tax information can be found here.

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H. Request to Rescind Title IV Permission

If you would like to remove Title IV permissions granted through MyGeorgeFox, please fill out this form and return to the Student Accounts Office.

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