To search and find roommates, each student needs to have logged in and started a housing intent application. A student is not searchable until they have an active application.

After the housing and meal plan intent form due date passes, University Housing will assign room selection timeslots for each student based on the individuals accumulated credits and semesters lived on-campus. Students will be notified of their date and timeslot for room selection by University Housing. 

Even though each student will be assigned their own timeslot, the student in a roommate group with the earliest timeslot may assign all group members into their desired location.  The person in the group who has the earliest date and timeslot will log into the housing intent application to select a housing location for everyone in the group. 

If a group needs to change roommates, they can go into the Housing Intent form and cancel the roommates they will no longer be living with. The new group will then be able to select other locations.