Housing Accommodation Request for Medical/Disability Needs

Requests for housing accommodations are processed through the Disability Services Office in conjunction with the Director of Housing. To be considered for an accommodation a student will need to present documentation (see Documentation and Process section below) of a disability that creates a functional limitation in the environment as it pertains to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Disability Services seeks to ensure consistency in evaluating requests while simultaneously exploring each individual situation before making recommendations to the Director of Housing. It is the University’s practice to determine the housing accommodation that provides the most traditional experience for each student.

The University is generally able to accommodate all medical/disability needs in on-campus housing. All medical/disability related accommodations will be made in the context of University policies applicable to the individual making the request.

Accommodation Deadline Dates

Please allow adequate time for requests to be processed. This may include Disability Services contacting the medical provider. Requests submitted AFTER the dates listed below may not be accommodated.

  • Returning Students: Requests are due by 5:00 PM on March 1st.
  • New Students: Freshman housing placements begin in early May. In order to receive fullest consideration requests should be submitted by May 1st. At a minimum, requests must be received 15 working days prior to a student’s arrival on campus.

Documentation and Process

To be considered for housing accommodation, all supportive medical information must be submitted with the accommodation form. No request will be considered until all documents have been submitted.

Fill out the accommodation form and submit it with the following:

  1. A specific, detailed diagnostic statement from a licensed medical physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant:
    • Include a specific diagnosis
    • Include the date that medical conditions appeared
  2. Detailed list of specific environmental conditions needed to accommodate the medical needs. This information must be signed by a licensed medical physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant and on the clinic’s letterhead.
  3. General notes or statements without a specific diagnosis and list of necessary accommodations will not be accepted.
  4. Documentation should comply with University standards as outlined on the University website

The Director of Housing will evaluate the medical information in conjunction with the Health and Counseling Center (HCC) and/or Disability Services Office (DSO). You may be asked to meet with HCC staff to further discuss your situation. Once your situation has been reviewed and a decision has been made.

Students will be notified via University e-mail once a decision has been made.