Where to search for off-campus housing

Availability of off-campus housing varies each year. The following resources may be helpful in locating off-campus housing. Please note that George Fox is not affiliated with organizations outside of the university. These links are provided as an additional source to consider during your housing search.

Students are encouraged to evaluate their housing options carefully. Newberg has a wide variety of rental options and our hope is that students are able to make an informed decision before committing to a rental agreement.

Information for Community Members

The university does not actively advertise or coordinate local housing; students are responsible for arranging their own off-campus living location. If you have housing available, you may write a short description of what is available including your contact information. Email this description to bruinboards@georgefox.edu. We will post this to the "Housing" folder in BruinBoards. This will be available only to George Fox community members for 30 days. The university does not provide advice about the feasibility of purchasing local housing units for renting or leasing to George Fox students or employees, nor will the university provide information, specifically or in aggregate, about students living off-campus.