Student Staff Positions

RA / AAC student staff positions at George Fox University


Thank you for taking an interest in joining the 2019-2020 Residence Life Staff. We are so excited to meet you and to get to know you through our selection process!


We believe that the Resident Assistant position is an incredible leadership opportunity. RAs have a unique place in our community to build relationships, shape culture, and to create positive change. We love our RAs, and we have been blessed over the years to work with so many individuals who have served our residents so well. And we look forward to passing the torch onto the next generation of student leaders.


We in Residence Life love building community where students experience spiritual growth, academic success, and the “Be Known” promise. But we know that we cannot do it alone! We believe that you are vital to the success of our mission here in Residence Life.

Objectives for the selection process:

  • We desire to get to know you and your story throughout this process.
  • We desire to create a professional and educational experience throughout this process.
  • We desire to create a fair and inclusive process for every single candidate.
  • We desire to create a mutually discerning space to plan, reflect, and pray on the future.


Job Descriptions

RA Job Description

AAC Job Description

Informational Meetings

AAC informational night for candidates will be held Tuesday, November 27, 2018 at 9:30 p.m. in Lewis 1 Apartment. 

*Note: The AAC position requires at least one year of RA experience.*

RA informational night for candidates will be held Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 at 9:30 p.m. in Hoover 105.


Applications for 2018-2019 will be available beginning December 5th, 2018.

RA Applications are due by 5 p.m. Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019. 

AAC Applications are due by 12 p.m. Monday, January 14, 2019.

All of the applications are Google Forms.  Please be sure to copy and paste your Youtube hyperlink and attach a resume to your Google Form application before you submit online.

If you have more questions, please contact your Area Coordinator or the Residence Life Office.


To submit a complete application, all of the following components are required.

  • 1 minute cover video uploaded to Youtube (see instructions below)
  • Typed Resume (If you need help creating your resume, connect with the Idea Center)
  • Application (Required for all applicants, regardless of position)
  • 4 References (Please note: You are responsible for ensuring your references are submitted on time.  If you need to check the status of your references, please e-mail
    • Reference Requirements +

      RA (for on-campus applicants)
      1 Faculty/Staff (non-student)
      1 Your Current RA
      1 Current Roommate
      1 Living Area Peers (from your floor, house, apartment area)

      RA (for commuting applicants)
      2 Faculty/Staff (non-student)
      2 GFU Peers

      Reapplying RA
      1 Faculty/Staff (non-student)
      1 Current Fellow RAs (on your staff)
      1 Current Roommate
      1 Your Current AAC

      1 Faculty/Staff (non-student)
      1 Current Fellow RAs (on your staff)
      1 Current Roommate
      1 Your Current AAC (or fellow AAC if you are currently an AAC)

If you have more questions, please contact your Area Coordinator or the Residence Life Office.



Cover Video Instructions

Included in your online application is a 1-minute (yes, 60 seconds!) cover video of yourself.
Your video should include the following:
  1. Name, major, year in school
  2. Why you are interested in the RA role
  3. One unique piece about who you are which would add to the RA role, team, and/or community at Fox. 


A Few Tips:

Recording yourself can feel awkward, especially if you haven't done one before in an interview context. But, no worries! Keep these things in mind:

  • Focus on a couple of things and expand on them rather than talking about a lot of different things. 
  • Don’t just share facts about you but say something that is meaningful and important to who you are.
  • Be creative—Put some thought and effort into what you want to say and then say it confidently!
  • But don’t spend forever on it! Keep in mind, this is just one small way we get a window into who you are.
  • Content is more important than video quality. Just use your phone or borrow your friend’s phone.
Click here for sample cover videos:

If you have more questions, please contact your Area Coordinator or the Residence Life Office.


Directions for Uploading the Video: 

  1. Open the Youtube app on the phone you used.
  2. Touch the camera in the top right part of the screen. Touch the video you would like to upload. Edit (don't add music) and trim as desired. Touch Next.
  3. Fill in the Title and Description and touch Upload.
  4. If you’re looking for some feedback, send the link and your resume to the Idea Center for review - Once you have the thumbs up from the Idea Center, paste the link into the prompt on the RA application. You won’t be able to progress through the online application without pasting your Youtube hyperlink into the window when prompted.


Seeking out another set of eyes to review your resume and video can be helpful! We recommend the Idea Center as a resource to help you. Feel free to email your resume to with the subject line “RA Resume Review” to get started. 


Application essays can be difficult but here are some guidelines to help aid in you your answers:

  • Be you—Lean into your uniqueness and the way you like to write. Read your answers out loud! Does it sound like you? If so, you’re doing great!
  • Try to include specific stories and examples to support your answers. Keep in mind, we value stories that are more recent because they help us get a better picture of who you are today.
  • We appreciate typo-free answers. Please make sure to review your answers before you submit.




During group interviews, you will have the opportunity to engage with other candidates through games and interview questions. If invited to this step, you will receive an email with instructions regarding how to sign up for one of the evening interview time slots. The time is designed to provide a glimpse into your leadership style and heart for serving within our Residence Life program. Group interviews are often a highlight of the interview process for candidates, so come ready to be yourself and have fun! 


Following the Group Interview stage, selected candidates will be invited to participate in an individual interview. Our hope is to mirror a professional interview process that gives candidates another opportunity to share their story and demonstrate their passion to serve. Individual interviews run for about 30 minutes, and each candidate will meet with two Area Coordinators during that time. A couple of tips before you arrive:

  • Be on time! We appreciate seeing your care for the role demonstrated through your punctuality.
  • Consider some of the reasons why you’re applying for the position as well as some stories that help illustrate what you might bring to the table.
  • Be presentable! We don’t have a business casual expectation for the interview, but we do like to see that you’re mindful of the setting in how you present yourself.
  • Relax. We’re looking forward to getting to know you a little better through the process! 

The Reality of Residence Life 

We are so excited that you have chosen to be a part of our Resident Assistant selection process. We want to affirm you for putting yourself out there. It’s a huge thing stepping into a process that requires vulnerability and it can be scary! 

The reality is that we have more qualified candidates than available positions—that fact alone makes this process difficult. It’s difficult because we know what our students bring to the table and it means some of you who are exceptionally gifted and well qualified will not be offered the position.

And we want to address several important things right here at the beginning of the process because we deeply value you and want to make sure you know that you matter to us whether you get a “yes” or a “no” regarding the role for the next academic year.

“The willingness to show up changes us. It makes us a little braver each time.” - Brené Brown, Daring Greatly


  • Every single one of you have unique stories, strengths, and desires that have led you to apply. You all have something positive and significant to offer!
  • The amount of time and effort you will pour into this process.
  • The courage and vulnerability you have shown to put yourself out there.
  • Every single one of you have had a part already in creating the amazing community we have here on campus.



  • We are committed to getting the fullest picture possible of who you are and how your unique strengths and gifts would add value to our program. It’s why we include multiple components as part of our lengthy process.
  • We are committed to excellent and clear communication throughout the whole process. Our desire is for you to have clarity around details such as dates, times, expectations, and decisions. We do not want you to feel overwhelmed or lost at any point throughout selection.
  • We are committed to supporting and debriefing with you no matter the outcome. You will have an opportunity to get feedback about your application after the selection season is over.


Frequently Asked Questions: Res Life Application Process

If you have more questions, please contact your Area Coordinator or the Residence Life Office.



Returning undergraduate students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress and be in Good Standing with the University.

Yes! If you are a commuter, you can adjust the reference requirement as follows:

  • 2 Faculty/Staff (non-student)
  • 2 GFU Peers

RA Applications are available online and due January 17. If you are abroad this fall, this should not be an issue. If you will be abroad in the spring, you can still access and submit the application materials online and contact Jenny Zaganiacz to set up an interview.

Yes, athletes can serve in the RA role. This depends on the sport and season, other commitments, coach’s approval, and the discernment of those making RA decisions.

All RA applicants will be invited to be part of the Group Interview process during the last week of January.  However, due to the high volume of RA applicants, not all candidates will be invited to participate in all parts of the application process. 

There is a wide variety of qualities and personalities, strengths and gifts, levels of introversion and extroversion, found in RAs. We are not looking for a cookie-cutter RA candidate. That said, there are some qualities that we are looking for consistently:

  • Good judgment
  • Humility
  • Compassion
  • Teachability
  • Sensitivity to cultural diversity
  • Availability 
  • Sense of humor
  • Commitment to Jesus Christ
  • Self-discipline

Here are some time components all RAs can expect per week:

  • 2 hour area staff meeting
  • 1 hour individual 1-on-1 with AC
  • 1 evening of on-duty hours, plus occasional weekend responsibilities
  • Expected to be with residents on floor/in house/suite/apartments several nights a week
  • Regular gatherings/events with residents/area
  • 2 hour leadership class (fall semester only)

You can make note of your preferences on the RA application.  The ACs and Associate Dean of Students make final placement decisions.

Depending on where you are placed, you will be asked to invite the appropriate number of roommates. If you are the RA of multiple houses, you have the opportunity to invite students to fill the houses, with the exception of a pre-determined number of spaces left open for transfers and/or international students.  If you are unable to find a roommate or fill your spots, the housing department will fill the remaining spaces. The RA is not required to pay the housing deposit, but all roommates will need to pay the deposit.

There are four evening training sessions, each about 1 ½ - 2 hours, spread out in the spring. There may also be additional time with your new staff team, as well as a handing-down ceremony from the current staff.

Other leadership opportunities include: Peer Advising, Orientation Coordinator, Associate Student Community (ASC),and other  leadership positions within the Office of Spiritual and Intercultural Life (SPiL). There are many wonderful leadership opportunities on campus, and we would love to help you discern what might be a good fit for you.  

If you have more questions, please contact your Area Coordinator or the Residence Life Office.


*RAs and AACs will need to have current CPR certification prior to August 2019.