Within the framework of this wilderness experience, it is our goal to provide a challenging as well as supportive experience to all those involved. The responsibility to challenge and support will not be placed solely upon the guides and leaders, but upon each participant.

In the context of the wilderness, each participant will be encouraged to examine his/her assumptions, priorities, values, commitments and self-imposed limitations. Each student has the opportunity to emerge from this process with a stronger and more personalized sense of values and commitments, a greater awareness and celebration of their own strengths, and the knowledge that their limitations need not keep them from succeeding.


  • Students will develop a better understanding of their spiritual, physical, emotional and mental limits and strengths through experiencing safe yet challenging elements in community and solitude.
  • Leaders will gain a better appreciation for God’s creation and what their responsibility is in being effective stewards of the creation.
  • Participants will become better-rounded leaders by leading their peers and receiving constructive feedback on things they can improve.
  • Students will learn wilderness skills that will enable them to invest more fully within the group and gain confidence in their abilities to learn and master unfamiliar tasks.
  • Participants will gain a better understanding of what it means to participate in Sabbath and rest and the value of solitude.

Feel free to contact Dave Johnstone at djohnsto@georgefox.edu with questions.