Bruin Adventure

Bruin AdventureAll new students are invited to go on a Bruin Adventure during this year’s Welcome Weekend. On Friday, Aug. 25, students will board buses on the Newberg campus and set off for an adventure. The event begins at 6 p.m., and students will return to campus around 11 p.m.

The Bruin Adventure is designed to help students meet their peers and create lasting George Fox memories.

The event costs $20 per person and includes transportation, a group activity, and more.

Register online, or you can visit the ticket tent in the quad once you arrive on campus to purchase your bracelet. See you soon!

Things to Bring on the Bruin Adventure

  • Camera - You may want to remember this someday
  • Comfortable shoes - Just wear them; you don't need to actually pack them
  • Extra money - if you want to buy something during the tour (optional)
  • Cell phone - Not that you will need it, but it can help you stay on time

Please contact the Welcome Weekend office at or 503-554-2310 for more information.