LIBA 100 Knowing and Being Known

You are starting the journey. In about four years, you will reflect on how much you learned along the way. You will remember the stories, the people, the challenges, the fun and the insights. You will have learned truth through the questions you have asked and the answers you have sought.

LIBA 100 is the jumping-off-point for you to be successful at George Fox University. Designed around student-led class discussion, close reading, reflective writing, and creative exploration, this course teaches you to be a scholar – someone who seeks truth and helps others find it. The three-credit, semester-long course will teach you the basics of what every student needs to succeed at George Fox, but will not stop there. More than that, it will reveal your strengths and challenges as a scholar as you learn the different ways of knowing through the tradition of the Christian liberal arts.

This class is for everyone! We will study challenging ideas, but we will all jump in together, learning from each other. The full-semester community experience will be rich and helpful for all students; we especially recommend LIBA 100 for students who are unsure of a major or those who are the first in their families to attend college.

Peer Involvement Interview