From the Director


Welcome to our first Oregon Writing Project Collaborative at George Fox newsletter. We wanted to bring you up to date on the work of the site and, as well, let you know about a wonderful opportunity to help us design and launch Digital Young Writers Camps. This first year at GFU has been amazing with official approval of our new site from NWP, faculty approval of our Certificate in the Teaching of Writing course series, two Institutes, and family literacy and coaching activities. The first Institute was a Winter/Spring Institute with 17 teachers and a leadership team of 7 including Nancy Fischer, Janis Wurgler, Karen Hamlin, Steve Jones, Grant Huhn, Sarah Dalisky, and Janet Foster. A fantastic website emerged from this institute, complete with lessons for teachers to explore and use. The second institute was a more traditional Summer Institute this month with 11 participants including leaders Nancy Fischer, Janis Wurgler, Susanna Steeg, Tracy Velez and Angela Newport.

We also spent our first year establishing the site at George Fox. That work included hiring our amazing new Administrative Assistant, Andrea Byerley, setting up an office, setting up accounts, and informing George Fox faculty, administration, and staff about what a Writing Project site is. As part of that work we hosted a brunch for the College of Education where we wrote and shared “I am From. . .” poems.

We are hugely grateful for the support that the site has received from George Fox. Along with providing tuition waivers, release time for the site director and co-director, facility and office space, and travel funding, the university this June officially approved setting up an entire new Continuing Education system in order to allow the site to offer workshop credits for teachers at a greatly reduced cost. This endeavor will require an estimated 216-560 hours for implementation, testing and documentation by various GFU departments and has an estimated completion date of Fall 2016. Given the recent licensure renewal changes approved by TSPC, these workshop credits will now be even more important and useful for teachers at all stages of their careers.

Looking back at this “first” year, I am grateful for all of the support provided by “long time” writing project leaders Angela Obery, Nancy Fischer, Janis Wurgler, Steve Jones, Grant Huhn, Sarah Dalisky, and Janet Foster as well as the infusion of new energy and ideas from Susanna Steeg, Carol Brazo, Angela Newport, and Tracy Velez. The site has come a long way in a year, and the future is bright.