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Student Lifestyle Agreement and Community Expectations

Student Life at George Fox University

It’s important for parents to understand the numerous elements of their student’s journey at George Fox University. One of the key documents that outlines the student experience is the Student Handbook. This defines our community: who we are, what we’re about, what we believe, how we live and journey together, and the expectations for those who have chosen to become members of our community.

The student handbook is important for students to read and understand, so they can fully engage in all facets of being a student. When students become a member of the George Fox Community they sign a statement as part of the application process, agreeing to abide by the Lifestyle Standards and Values, as well as the Community Policies outlined in the Student Handbook for as long as they are enrolled as a student. We also believe it’s essential for parents to understand this information so it can further clarify and define the experience of their student.

Student Handbook - George Fox University

The Student Handbook is only available online and can be accessed by student and parents alike, at

The following elements are included in the handbook:

Student Life at George Fox UniversityCommunity at George Fox University: This section begins to
describe what we believe, our focus of being a distinctly Christ-centered community, and the importance of developing loving and healthy relationships.

Guiding Principles for Our Community: This portion highlights Biblical expectations, honesty and integrity, University expectations, the Lifestyle Standards and Values, and the responsibilities of living in
our community.

Community Accountability: This segment describes the purpose and the process for community accountability and how we respond in these situations. It also includes helpful information about the Good Standing Policy, the Student Support Network (SSN), and the Responsibility for Self-Care Policy.

Community Policies: This section includes an informative list of the policies that are important for students to understand and abide by. These include elements such as: Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy, Bias-Related Incidents and Hate Crimes, Substance Use and Abuse, Sexual Purity, the Discernment Policy, and various safety and security issues.

Communications Statement: This addresses the expectations for students regarding communication from the University in several areas.

Frequently Asked Questions: This section outlines several frequently asked questions about the policies, guidelines and expectations for students.

Residence Life – Housing: In addition to the policies listed above, students living in campus housing can find helpful information and guidelines they are responsible to abide by within their residential living and learning experience.

Student and parents who have questions about any aspects of the Student Handbook are encouraged to contact Mark Pothoff, dean of community life, in the Student Life office.

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Student Organizations and Leadership

Student Organizations and Leadership

At the beginning of each semester, students are given opportunities to think about and
become involved in specific activities. A wide range of opportunities exist for students to
become involved in organizations and leadership while at George Fox. Some options include
community service, Little Bruin, Urban Services, Serve trips, ASC student government,
intramural athletic teams, campus clubs, peer advisors, etc.

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Multicultural Student Program

Inclusion and Leadership Programs

The Office of Intercultural Life exists to serve students by creating and sustaining a supportive intercultural campus life.  Through programs, events and resources, we are developing leaders to strengthen our community with a multicultural perspective and voice.  The office selects and oversees the university’s multicultural leadership scholars, educates students on diversity matters and seeks to cultivate attitudes, ideas and behaviors that result in a more effective response to societal issues through the diverse lens of the kingdom of God.  

For more information, please contact the Director of Intercultural Life at 503-554-2318.

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Intercollegiate Athletics

Cheering for the Bruins

At George Fox University student-athletes pursue conference and national titles at a Christ-centered university where athletic competition hinges on what is learned in classrooms and practices. George Fox teams are members of the Northwest Conference and compete in Division III of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

To see a listing of all sports available at George Fox and the season schedules, please visit

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