Winston Seegobin"Diversity is a valued part of the PsyD Program at George Fox. Along with coursework, students have the opportunity to do clinical work and research related to diverse populations and topics. We invite you to explore the opportunities that our program offers."

Winston Seegobin, PsyD, Director of Diversity

Our desire is that students will gain knowledge regarding the importance of diversity and an attitude of cultural humility and respect when working with people from diverse groups, including specific training in the integration of religion and spirituality within the practice of professional psychology.

Did you know we have a Diversity Scholarship available to our students?

Student Experience

As part of the PsyD program, students have the opportunity to join the student-led Multicultural Committee. The committee’s mission is to better serve culturally diverse populations by developing and nurturing an environment that promotes cultural awareness and sensitivity for the self and others. Usually about 25% of the PsyD student population is involved in the multicultural committee. Each year the committee chooses a focus area to increase awareness.

Students are also encouraged to engage in outside professional associations, including (but not limited to):

  • APA Division 35: Society for the Psychology of Women
  • APA Division 44: Society for the Psychological Study of LGBT Issues
  • APA Division 45: Society for the Study of Ethnic and Minority Issues
  • APA Division 52: International Psychology
  • Asian American Psychological Association
  • The Association of Black Psychologists
  • Society of Indian Psychologists
  • National Latina/o Psychological Association


All students at George Fox take part in a variety of academic experiences related to diversity. In our curriculum, we attempt to address diversity in ALL our courses, equipping students to address diversity issues in assessment and psychotherapy as a professional clinician.

Diversity Focused Coursework:

  • Multicultural Psychotherapy (PSYD 541)
  • Spiritual and Religious Diversity in Professional Psychology (PSYD 574)
  • Family/Couples in Diverse Society (PSYD 563)

In addition to the standard learning done in the classroom, students also take part in experiential learning as part of their course requirements. This often includes going out into the community to take part in different cultural experiences for deeper understanding.

Clinical Training

As a program, we are committed to developing training experiences that reflect our value for service and multiculturalism. We offer local field practicum training experiences that provide opportunities to gain competency across markers of difference. These may include:

  • Sites who service rural populations
  • Medical settings serving uninsured/underinsured patients
  • Health clinics serving a variety of groups from varying income levels
  • Bilingual clinics who service specific clientele groups
  • Clinics who serve sexual minorities and transgendered populations
  • Sites who service a variety of ethnic and racial minorities
PsyD Student Presentation

Students are supported throughout their practicum experiences by licensed clinical faculty. In groups and through individual mentoring, students learn to apply a multicultural frame in case conceptualization and presentations.


George Fox PsyD students and faculty often disseminate their research in the area of diversity in presentations at the APA convention, the OPA conference, and the CAPS annual conference.