Brennan Rains

Name: Brennan Rains

High School: Hanford High School (West Richland, Wash.)

Sport(s): Football

Position(s): Quarterback

Height / Weight: 5-11, 170

High School Highlights:
All-Conference Honorable Mention (wrestling) as sophomore; All-State Individual Academic Honorable Mention as junior and senior (wrestling); MCC Co-League Champions in football (senior); Rookie of the Year in wrestling (freshmen); Offensive MVP in football (sophomore); Falcon Pride Award (wrestling) as senior; 100% Commitment Pride Award for football all four years; three-time letterman, football; four-time letterman, wrestling

Why I chose George Fox:
I made George Fox my choice of schooling out of all the others because of the many things it offers me. I saw that the university has highly recognized academic standards. When I did my campus visit, I enjoyed it being a smaller and more personal than other colleges, which played a part in me choosing George Fox. I also wanted to help bring back the football program after 44 years without it.