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Academic Disciplinary Action Appeal Process

Students may appeal academic disciplinary actions such as those imposed for severe behavior if they feel the penalty was unwarranted or unjustified.


Student meets with faculty member to discuss rationale for reversing the disciplinary action.

The student wishing to appeal a disciplinary action must meet with the faculty member within the first three (3) academic weeks, excluding May Term, following the imposed disciplinary action. After meeting with the faculty member, the student may elect to pursue the appeal.

Student sends written appeal to the Academic Affairs Office (email for form to complete).

Students wishing to pursue an appeal must do so in writing within five (5) working days of meeting with the faculty member. Appeal Form found in Appendix H.

College Dean discusses appeal with the faculty member and student.

The decision from the College Dean will be rendered in writing to the faculty member and student.

The College Dean's decision may be appealed to the Academic Appeals Board.

To request a hearing, the student or faculty member must submit a written appeal to the Academic Appeals Board within two (2) working days after receipt of written decision from the College Dean.

Academic Appeals Board decides whether or not to hear the appeal.

If the Board meets to consider the appeal, then the decision is submitted in writing to the Provost, faculty member, College Dean, and the student. 


The decision of the Academic Appeals Board is final.