Textbook selection has been moved to iGFU. This means you will need to log into iGFU with your university username/password. There are several benefits to this change:

  1. Since the system knows who you are, it knows which courses you are instructing. You simply select the course from a list. This will eliminate errors regarding what course the books are for (the No. 1 problem the bookstore faces with the current system).
  2. Books can be searched by title, author or ISBN. We're using services at Amazon and Powell's Books to implement the search. The result is that the exact title, author and ISBN of the books you select will be verified -- ie. no typos (the No. 2 problem the bookstore faces with the current system).
  3. The university will know what books are required/optional for each course much earlier than it does with the old system. That means that students can know much earlier as well (and the university can comply with the Higher Education Opportunities Act, which requires textbook information be available prior to student registration).
  4. The bookstore receives the requests in a spreadsheet rather than disparate emails that must be collated (the No. 3 problem the bookstore faces with the current system).
  5. If you would like to use the same books you (or another instructor) used in a prior offering of a class, you click once, and you're done.

Textbook Order Form on iGFU

How to use Textbook Order Form

Problems or questions can be addressed by the IT Service Desk (ext. 2569).