Laboratory and Facility Outreach

Science teachers…
   How can we empower you?
   Do you need a bigger and better space to teach a lab?
   Are you stumped on how to prepare a great lab experience for a specific topic?

Would you like to…

  • Use the George Fox laboratory, equipment and resources to teach your next lab?
  • Get new ideas from our experienced teachers to enrich your next lab experience?
  • Observe demonstrations of equipment available only at the university level?

Laboratory/Facility Use

As part of our science outreach ministry, George Fox University loans our laboratory facilities to educators. Our goal is to encourage and empower science teachers to become the best they can be! While we are happy to loan much of our durable equipment, we ask visiting teachers to bring their own consumable/basic supplies. For example, we will be unable to make copies or provide gloves or pens for every student.

We would be happy to brainstorm ideas about what kind of experiments would best teach a science concept and how our facilities might be of use. We love finding ways we can offer our resources to help expedite great scientific learning!

General science labs, chemistry labs with fume hoods and anatomy labs are all available. The George Fox Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab has specimens of each system of the body, organ slides, and two cadavers available for viewing (on campus only, no loaning available). All laboratory use is pre-arranged and pre-scheduled. Please contact the Science Outreach Coordinator at for scheduling. 


Not available Spring 2018

Several demonstrations are available through the Science Outreach Program. Most demonstrations are approximately 15 to 60 minutes long with a maximum number of students of 25. Call us if you are interested in viewing a demonstration of any of the following: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), 3-D Printer, and/or Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab. The NMR can be used off-site. Call for details. College-level lectures may also be available.

Additional Options

If you are interested, you may also arrange a campus tour or a group counsel visit through admissions. Please contact our admissions department to arrange one of these events. Admissions can be reached at 503-554-2240 or by emailing Additionally, student groups can experience a college meal in the student cafeteria for a small cost, or pick up a light lunch or drink in our Bruin Den cafe. These must be pre-arranged so that food services is prepared in advance for any large groups.