SD Committee

Staff Development Committee


All support staff have a voice in the election of committee members. Annual elections generally take place via email during April. Staff members interested in serving on the committee must be employed three-quarters time (.75  FTE) or more at least nine months of the year, and have worked at least one year at the university. 

The committee serves the Staff Development Association, made up of employees not on an annual contract and all support staff as defined in the university's employee handbook.  The committee has a maximum of 12 voting  members, or about 10 percent of the association membership.

The committee organizes several events to give staff members opportunities to build friendships outside their departments, including luncheons, ice cream socials, and conferences.

Those elected to the committee serve a three-year term. Members can be elected for an additional three-year term,  after which they must rotate off for one year before serving additional terms.

Feel free to contact any of the members listed below with any thoughts or concerns you would like to share with the  committee.  You can write to the entire committee by sending an email to

2017-18 Committee Members

Teresa Arnold Department of Biology & Chemistry Ext. 2724
Adina Briggs McConaughey (Chair) Department of Engineering Ext. 2780
Mary Cameron Portland Library Ext. 6130
Peg Hutton (Vice Chair) Scheduling and University Events Ext. 2027
Belinda Creighton (Secretary) Financial Affairs Ext. 2163
Janeen Dillow Newberg Library Ext. 2426
Kelly Hughton Admissions Ext. 2249
Kera Hallman Human Resources Ext. 2180
Jennifer Hanks Plant Services Ext. 2039
Debbie Hawblitzel (Treasurer) Department of Music Ext. 2620
Tim Jaquith Plant Services Ext. 2075