Steve Delamarter - Research Bibliography


"Coming to Terms with our Place in the Created Order:" Sermon preached at Eugene Faith Center, June 14, 2009.

Catalogue of the Ethiopic Manuscript Imaging Project Volume 1: Codices 1-105, Magic Scrolls 1-134. By Getatchew Haile, Melaku Terefe, Roger M. Rundell, Daniel Alemu, Steve Delamarter.

Ethiopian Scribal Practice 1: Plates for the Catalogue of the Ethiopic Manuscript Imaging Project. By Steve Delamarter, Melaku Terefe.


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Six-session class with Dr. Beth Habecker at the Community of ChristChurch (ELCA), Hillsboro, Oregon on “The Language of God: DNA, Science and Faith” January and February, 2007. Promotional PowerPoint.

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