Kent Yinger Research Bibliography


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Articles (journals and dictionaries)

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Review articles

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Interlinear translation of LXX Isaiah 40 - 66 [Logos; exp. publication 2008; pre-publication info]

Academic Papers presented (selected)

"Obedience-How Crucial? 1 Corinthians 3:15b: saved anyway, or a misunderstood afterthought?" paper presented at the ETS Annual meeting, San Diego (CA) November 2007

"Some Thoughts on what's getting Left Behind," paper presented at the ETS NW Regional meeting, Salem (OR) March 2007

"No Pauline Mission Mandate? A Way Forward for Evangelical Missiology," paper presented to George Fox Evangelical Seminary faculty, January 2006

"The (Mis)Understanding of Legalism," paper presented to George Fox Evangelical Seminary faculty, February 2005

"Rehabilitating Good Works, The Meaning of ERGON," paper presented at George Fox University Faculty Research Forum, September 24, 2004

"History of lexical study on ERGON ('work')," paper presented to George Fox Evangelical Seminary [GFES] faculty, February 2004

"Integration of Faith and Learning in a Seminary Context," paper presented to George Fox University [GFU] new faculty cohort, October 2003

"Teaching Greek Tenses: Verbal Aspect," paper presented to GFES faculty, November 2002

"Rom. 2:6-11: Paul and a Jewish Motif," paper read at the Western Regional SBL meeting, March, 1998