Spiritual Directors and Leadership Coaches

Leadership Coaches

Portland Seminary Leadership Coaches are experienced practitioners with enterprenuerial backgrounds in church planting and leadership, nonprofit development and management, and a variety of national and global ministries. Students in programs with a leadership emphasis are paired with coaches for a year to develop their leadership skills, utilizing various tools to increase awareness and effectiveness.

Trey Doty

Trey Doty

Academic Background: MDiv, Portland Seminary; BS, George Fox University; CPE Residency, Legacy Emanuel Hospital and Health Center

Certifications: Nonprofit Development, Portland State University; Creative Results Management CORE Coach Training

Expertise and Interests: Nonprofit management, social entrepreneurship, communication, church planting, community development, c oaching, law enforcement chaplaincy, and first responder wellness

Email:  tdoty@georgefox.edu  


Deborah Loyd

Academic Background: DMin, Bakke Graduate University; MA, Western Seminary; BA, Excelsior College

Church Affiliations: Co-founder and Pastor Emeritus,  The Bridge Church of Portland; c o-founder of  Women's Convergence

Expertise and Interests: Emerging culture, urban church planting, leadership development, mentoring women church planters

Email:   dloyd@georgefox.edu


Dan Steigerwald

Academic Background: DMin, Portland Seminary; MDiv, Tyndale Theological Seminary, Amsterdam; BS, Pennsylvania State University

Certifications: Certified Coach, Creative Results Management CORE and EXCEL Coach Training Programs

Church Affiliation:   Founder and Pastor Emeritus, Crossroads Church of The Hague

Expertise and Interests: Coaching, mentoring and training church planters and missional leaders; writing (author,   Grow Where You're Planted: Collected Stories on the Hallmarks of Maturing Church); creation care

Email:   dsteigerwald@georgefox.edu

Spiritual Directors

Portland Seminary Spiritual Directors are discerning persons trained to provide spiritual guidance and discipleship in the Christian tradition. They are gifted laypeople, ordained clergy, Christian educators, and/or trained counselors. The focus of Spiritual Direction is to develop awareness of the presence of God in life in the context of a trusted relationship. As a part of spiritual formation at the seminary, all first year students meet with a spiritual director for six sessions over the course of the school year. 

Susan Alquist

Susan Anquist

Work/Ministry Context: For 20 years I been part of a ministry team journeying with leaders through the transitions and stressors of ministry, through OASIS Ministries Canada.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: I see Spiritual Direction as a space of discovery; a place of intentional stopping, noticing and listening for the nuance of God in our lives. As a spiritual director I am passionate about my love of God and people within the context of their stories. I see spiritual direction as a rare gift, the gift of time, attention and posturing hearts toward hearing from the Divine One. Spiritual Companionship then becomes a seedbed for whatever God creating. I find myself comfortable with silence, with mystery and not having answers. I am also confident that God is always at work inviting us, drawing and loving us, regardless of whether we see it or not. The spiritual direction relationship then becomes a lens for attentive noticing and responding.

Other Training and Certificates: Certificate, Spiritual Formation and Discipleship and Certified Spiritual Director, Portland Seminary

Email: sanquist82@georgefox.edu    Location:  British Columbia, Canada

Nathan Bettger

Nathan Bettger

Work/Ministry Context:  Full-time board certified hospital chaplain and a certified spiritual director.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: Nathan has a deep heart for the integration of spirituality/experience of God, psychology, and living in community, especially as they affect one's professional practice/calling, learning, relationships, and personal growth. Nathan has also done extensive work helping individuals learn to: grieve well; to articulate their spiritual life authentically; and to apply the Enneagram, life stages, and themes within Celtic spirituality to one's faith journey.

Email: bettger2@gmail.com    Location:  Oshkosh, WI    WebsiteNateBettger.com

Lacy Borgo

Lacy Finn Borgo

Work/Ministry Context:  Spiritual director for children and caregivers at Haven House. Spiritual director and teacher for Good Dirt Ministries, the Renovaré Institute, Fuller Seminary, and Portland Seminary. Spiritual Director Supervisor training through Mercy Center.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: Spiritual Direction is the grace of accompanying another in their life with God. The two primary movements in spiritual direction are "to recognize" and "to respond." As a spiritual director, my role is to attend my directee and the Spirit, opening the space for the directee to recognize and respond to the movements of God in his or her life, others, and the world.

Email: lacy@gooddirtministries.org    Location:  Montrose, Colorado   Website: GoodDirtMinistries.org 

Jay Bryner

Jay Bryner

Work/Ministry Context:  I work in parachurch ministry, where I supervise, coach, and disciple post-college and college students. I enjoy working with young adults - particularly young professionals - and the relationship between faith, discernment, vocation, and our daily lives.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: Spiritual Direction is the practice of gaining a better understanding of the presence and agency God in our lives through the discipline of listening with the Spiritual Director.

Email: jeremiejaybryner@gmail.com    Location:   Antelope, Oregon  Website: JayBryner.com

Kristin Chaney

Kristin Chaney

Work/Ministry Context: Licensed Pastor at West Salem Foursquare Church & Certified Spiritual Director

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: My desire is to walk along side people to nurture a deeper awareness of the presence of God in everyday life. I enjoy working with other pastors and leaders through the rigors of ministry life as a spiritual companion, in a career path that can often be isolating and lonely. As a pastor, I have worked with issues of suicide and domestic violence and feel called to walk with people through dark times and in the trenches. My passion is to listen to the heart of my directees and to witness God at work in their lives.

Email: kristin@chaneyfamily.info    Location: Salem, Oregon

Mike Dugas

Mike Dugas

Work/Ministry Context: I have experience as a pastor, an elder, and various roles in the corporate world. Currently I am a consultant that facilitates the creation of a group or community vision along with a plan to reach it. I am a member of the Global Learning & Exchange Network (The GLEN) that creates collaborative ways to address large scale systemic issues.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: Spiritual direction explores where the sparks of inspiration are present, and leans into those with presence, integrity and courage.

Email: mdugas10@georgefox.edu     Location: Beaverton, Oregon

Angie Fadel

Angie Fadel

Work/Ministry Context: Full-time spiritual director, archery, mindfulness, and labyrinth workshop creator, and facilitator of Jungian journaling and dream work. I work with people of all faiths and journey with the LGBTQIA community to help restore or find a spiritual practice that brings life.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:  Spiritual Direction is a place and time where therapeutic listening happens between equals. I believe in the importance creating a space where we share our life experience and learn from each other. I look at Spiritual Direction as a "permission giving" of sorts. What I mean by that is...there is nothing you might say that would shock me, there is no doubt or pain expressed that would cause me to think less of you. In this way there is no topic off limits in our time together, we together, create a safe place to explore our lives, spirituality, the reasons we do what we do, and make space for more awareness and presence.

Email:  angiefadel@gmail.com    Location: Portland, Oregon   Website: angiefadel.com


Kathi Gatlin

Work/Ministry Context: Kathi is a spiritual director, writer, spiritual formation group facilitator, retreat speaker, leadership mentor, and adjunct professor at George Fox University. She is currently undergoing supervision training with Together in Mystery. Kathi founded Boldly Loved (boldlyloved.org) and co-founded the Companioning Center offering online spiritual formation courses and an in-person conference with the goal of walking with others in the ministry of soul companioning.  

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: Spiritual direction is an ongoing relationship where two people sit together in God’s presence while deeply listening to what God is doing in the directee’s life. We don’t try to come up with solutions to the struggles along the way but listen to what God has to say about living life in the midst of the struggles within God's presence. Both in-person and virtual appoints are available. 

Email:  kathi@boldlyloved.org   Location: Newberg , Oregon   Website:   www.boldlyloved.org 

Becky Grisell

Becky Grisell

Work/Ministry Context: I am a Spiritual Director, Coach, mentor, and counselor in a variety of contexts and amongst a diverse population, with Christians and those who do not call themselves Christians.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:  I am passionate about people, relationships, and the capacity to be able to create, inspire, and illuminate sacred spaces as a conduit of God’s Kingdom. As a Spiritual Director I offer a space and time to explore, reflect upon, and deepen one’s relationship with the Divine; discover ways to integrate faith and a relationship with God into ordinary and daily life; as well as uncover new awakenings and stirrings within. 

Email: bgrisell@gmail.com    Location: Greenville, South Carolina  Website: https://cascadeministries.org/

Lynn Clouser Holt

Lynn Clouser Holt

Work/Ministry Context: Lynn offers the gift of presence and soul accompaniment through spiritual direction, education and supervision of spiritual directors, retreat work, and coaching. She is an instructor and the Liaison for the Spiritual Direction Program at Portland Seminary. Lynn is a recorded minister among Friends (Quaker) and often journeys with those who are in life transition, in changing relationship with God, and/or seeking deeper encounter in the multiplicity of spiritual traditions. She is a partner in Boldly Loved and the Companioning Center which nurtures leaders and soul companionship for various occupations and faith traditions.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: God comes disguised as our life and unless we stop and listen we may not notice the invitations and movements of these encounters.  In a relationship of soul accompaniment, God is the director and sacred space is hosted for another as they speak themselves into greater disclosure and self-discovery which supports deeper awareness, healing, and wholeness for faithful living and action in the world.

Email : lynn@boldlyloved.org   Location: Newberg, Oregon   Websites: BoldlyLoved.org and  CompanioningCenter.org

Laura Hudson

Laura Hudson

Work/Ministry Context:  I am an ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament (Teaching Elder) at First Presbyterian Church in La Grande, Oregon, co-pastoring with my husband.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: Spiritual Direction is listening and attending, with great awareness of mystery and honoring of the other, to and for the directee's relationship with Jesus Christ. Together we discern God's purpose, presence, and power in that relationship, which shapes the whole of one's mind-body-spirit in particular and profound ways.

Email: ellyhudson@gmail.com    Location: La Grande, Oregon

Sheldon Hurst

Sheldon Hurst

Work/Ministry Context:  I am a Spiritual Director, serving individuals in the greater Portland area. I also serve as Art Curator for the ArtReach Gallery at First Congregational UCC in Portland. I create art exhibitions that serve the church and the Portland community as spiritual formation.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: Sharing the dynamics of the individual's spiritual journey is my focus. Attention is given to interaction with our Sacred Writings and to the creative work of art, poetry, and music as they serve to deepen personal life and understanding in the context of the religious tradition that feeds the soul.

Email: drsheldonhurst@gmail.com   Location:  Portland, Oregon 

Nina Lau Branson

Nina Lau-Branson

Work/Ministry Context:  In addition to being a spiritual director with individuals and groups, I mentor spiritual directors in training and coach church planters and organization builders. I also consult with and resource groups and organizations that are in transition and discerning a way forward.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: I see spiritual direction not so much as a helping profession but a ministry of love. As a spiritual director I stand in witness to God, the Lover of the directee. Through that love the story of the directee is gently invited forward and heard, celebrated, wept over and held inside the meta-narrative of God, a story whose direction is life, joy and goodness.

Bob Marshall

Robert Marshall 

Work/Ministry Context: Bob is a recently retired Navy Chaplain with years of spiritually walking with any who said, "Chaplain, may I talk with you?" After retirement, this context has continued along with training in the area of spiritual direction.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: Spiritual Direction is being with the one who senses transcendence and seeks answers. My role is to offer a safe and quiet setting for the seeker to hear and respond to the One calling.

Email: rwmarshalll@gmail.com     Location: Kitsap Peninsula, Washington

Terra McDaniel

Terra McDaniel

Work/Ministry Context: I am the pastoral leader of New Table, a contemplative liturgical community. We gather for worship, community, dialogue around culture and faith, table fellowship, and spiritual practices.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: The world seems noisier and more chaotic than ever these days. Spiritual direction is about pausing to surface questions and hopes and joys and fears. My role is not to be an expert who has all the right answers but to be a support, resource, and fellow traveler. My hope is to host a space for us to listen together for the Spirit’s invitations and gifts for you in this season of your journey.

Email: hello@terramcdaniel.com    Location: Austin, Texas   Website: terramcdaniel.com 

Dianna McIntyre

Dianna Mcintyre

Work/Ministry Context:  I am currently retired, but enjoy providing spiritual direction for Portland Seminary students, and have experience with international students seeking spiritual direction. In addition, I've been through several bouts of cancer and feel like I could walk with someone who may find themselves headed down that path as well.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: My desire is to provide a space where people feel welcomed, accepted, valued, and loved so they can better open themselves to a deeper understanding of how God relates to them. Through listening to the person I’m meeting with and listening to the Holy Spirit I endeavor to ask questions that, I hope, will help the person think more deeply about their understanding of and responses to God. My deepest desire is to see every person fully know how deeply God loves and accepts them. 

Email: diannaleemcintyre@gmail.com    Location: Newberg, Oregon   

Shawn Mitchell

Shawn Mitchell

Work/Ministry Context: I work full time as a Marketing Manager for a medium-sized civil engineering company in Beaverton, but my vocation or calling is to be a spiritual director. God has called me to “fan into flame” the gift of spiritual direction by making myself available 1 day/week. 

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: Spending much of my time in a fast-paced work environment, I am conditioned to approach my spiritual life with a performance-based mentality. But God isn’t a goal to reach or a career to climb, he is a person who has desires to relate to me in personal and powerful ways. Could it be that God truly enjoys simply being with me? I’m not good at knowing how to be in a relationship with another person where that is the case, let alone when that other person is God. And I think it might be the same for you? That’s why I love spiritual direction, because it provides a safe space to slow down, let the preoccupations of life fade away and notice the condition of our soul. As we are present to ourselves, then we can be present to God and open to recognize and receive his love for us!

Email: shawnmitchellpdx@gmail.com     Location: Beaverton, Oregon

Chris Moore

Chris Moore

Work/Ministry Context: I am a certified spiritual director with an MSF from Portland Seminary, and I work with students from the Seminary and the PsyD program at George Fox. I have a heart for people who struggle with addiction, abuse, or trauma. I am in recovery with 32 years clean and sober.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: I will work with you to create a safe space where you can explore the things that keep you up at night. I try to listen more than I speak, and reflect more than I react.

Email: moore.chris@frontier.com

Location: Hillsboro, Oregon; willing to meet at my home, at a mutually convenient location, or via Skype.

Brenda Nagunst

Brenda Nagunst

Work/Ministry Context: I’m a retired US Air Force aircraft mechanic.  I’ve been a pastor in the Free Methodist Church since 2005.  I was a prison chaplain in Alaska for 8 years.  I’m currently the associate pastor at the Chewelah Free Methodist Church, a spiritual director, and living off grid on 20 acres in the forest.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: Spiritual Direction is the opportunity to join another spiritual sojourner to intentionally listen to the movements of the Holy Spirit in their life.  Together we discover God’s presence and leading.

Email: bnagunst15@georgefox.edu     Location: Valley, WA   

Jean Nevills

Sierra Neiman Westbrook

Work/Ministry Context: I am an adjunct professor teaching undergraduate classes in spiritual formation, biblical studies, and theology at George Fox University. I am also the founding director of Eden Spiritual Care, a non-profit organization aimed at making Christ-centered spiritual formation opportunities widely accessible.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: As your spiritual director, I will partner with you in “listening” and “watching” for God in your life. I'm especially interested in how theology of lament, narrative pastoral care, and imago Dei theology intersect to enrich a person’s relationship with God. 

Email: sierraneiman@gmail.com    Location: Newberg, Oregon  Website: www.edenspiritualcare.org

Jean Nevills

Jean Nevills

Work/Ministry Context:  For me marriage and mothering, a family business and community life are the natural arenas for ongoing spiritual transformation, spiritual practices, and living life with God in a Jesus way. I am also a praxis instructor/collaborator at Fuller Seminary for the Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Direction. 

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:  A spiritual director is someone who can help me notice, hear, and grow closer to God in freedom with integrity and joy… someone who can listen when I’m struggling, when I’m grieving, when I’m longing for more…someone who understands my journey just enough to walk with me but not get in the way of the Mystery of God. 

Email: j-nevills@msn.com     Location: Hillsboro, Oregon  Website:  www.jeannevills.com 

Kristie Sartell

Kristie Sartell

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:  Spiritual Direction is a friendship focused on you and your experience in God. My aim is to provide spiritual hospitality by being gracious, non-biased, and trusting. Listening to another person's inner life is a privilege. I especially enjoy listening to leaders who need a safe space to talk openly.

Expertise and passions:   Healing prayer, Identity, and freedom from shame

Email: kristiewsartell@yahoo.com     Location:   Portland, Oregon


Jeff Savage

Jeff Savage

Work/Ministry Context:

I am currently pastor of the First Baptist Church of Springfield, Oregon (an American Baptist congregation), where I have served for 31 years. I am also a spiritual director, couples facilitator, and retreat host. Much of my work involves walking with clergy, global servants, individuals who are in the process of discerning a call to ministry, and folks who are exploring shifts in their relationship with God.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: I believe spiritual direction is a relationship of sacred trust, formed as we, together, listen to God speaking in your story. My role in this practice is to invite you to awaken to the Spirit’s presence, actively listen, carry you faithfully in prayer, and assist you in discerning the way forward in the abundant life of God in Christ Jesus.

Email: JLSav1957@gmail.com     Location:   Springfield, Oregon    Website: SacredSpaceVida.com 

Vicki Scheib

Vicki Scheib

Work/Ministry Context:  I am an instructor for the Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction. I also provide spiritual direction supervision and spiritual direction at Kavanna House, a spiritual formation center in York, PA.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: I take great joy in creating the kind of space where you can pause and notice the presence and work of God in your everyday life. As a director I will ask you questions that allow you to listen to your life and listen to God. I particularly enjoy accompanying pastors and leaders who, by the isolating nature of their work, often experience loneliness and wonder who can share their burdens. As one who made the hard decision to leave church staff, I often provide direction to those who have experienced the pain of church life or find themselves transitioning from church employment to a new season of life. 

Email: vickischeib@gmail.com    Location:  York, PA

Jan Taylor

Jan Taylor

Work/Ministry Context:  I am a retired therapist who now enjoys sitting in deep conversation with others in a focused spiritual context.  I work with George Fox students in the Seminary and the Doctorate of Psychology programs. I facilitate silent retreats and a small contemplative listening group.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: As I sit with an individual, it is with the intent to facilitate that individual's relationship with God in whatever way God seems to be nudging or drawing them. Where do they notice God in the everyday aspects of life, the nitty-gritty difficulties, or growth asking to be celebrated? It is an accompanying. The Holy Spirit is the director.

Email: jantaylorsd@comcast.net    Location:   Salem, Oregon

Winslow Thurston

Winslow Thurston

Work/Ministry Context:  After serving as a pastor for over 30 years I felt that God was calling me to a more specialized work as a spiritual director. I am now practicing spiritual direction full time from my home office in Keizer, OR.

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: Every believer needs companions who walk with him or her to recognize the deceitfulness of the heart and the transformative work of the Holy Spirit. Hence the need for spiritual direction. Spiritual Direction is an intentional conversation where we focus on another’s relationship with God. It springs from a conviction that the Holy Spirit is always at work to form us to become more like Jesus (2 Cor. 3:18, Gal. 4:19). 

Email: pastorwinslow@gmail.com    Location: Salem/Keiser, OR   Website: SoulFormation.org