DMin Program Research Process Redesigned. Launches Fall 2019

Learn a problem-solving process, gain expertise, address a challenge. Earn a doctorate.

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Portland Seminary is pleased to announce a revision of the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program's research process. Drawing upon student and faculty feedback and insights gained from working with hundreds of students, the program is striving for the next level of excellence in DMin research methodologies for equipping ministry leaders.

The DMin Program is replacing the current dissertation-based approach with a new 3-year, portfolio-based research approach. The new process is divided into a series of milestones organized around three stages - Discover, Design, and Deliver. The milestones create a clear sense of progress for students, moments to celebrate, and higher graduation rates. It also incorporates greater engagement with ‘stakeholders’ from their local context, while retaining expert input through an analysis of the professional, academic and theological literature related to the topic.

In the final Portfolio, students will produce a Project - such as a curriculum, church program, action plan, academic article, website, non-profit business plan, etc - and a Learning Launch Plan for next steps following graduation.

The Project Portfolio is completed over three years under the guidance of a Project Faculty (PF) person. Each PF works with a small peer group of 3-4 students.

As an outcome of the Portland Seminary DMin research process, graduates:

  1. Learn a problem-solving process that they will utilize repeatedly after graduation
  2. Gain expertise around their research topic
  3. Address a challenge in their ministry context

The new process launches in Fall 2019 with all incoming cohorts.

Learn more about the new Project Portfolio for the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program.

Have questions? Contact our admissions counselor, Ty Sohlman, at or 503-554-6122.