Seminary Awarded Science for Seminaries Grant

July 15, 2021

Dan Brunner & Ekaterina Lomperis

A $75,000 grant awarded to Portland Seminary this spring will fund two courses that integrate science into its curriculum and an in-person symposium that will examine the relationship of cognitive science and spiritual formation.

 At Portland Seminary, that translates into the “Exploring Intersections of Science and Spirituality as Tools for Wellness and Healing” project, which involves the revision of two courses, and the introduction of a Science and Spiritual Practice Symposium that addresses the cognitive science underlying the relationship between brain neuroplasticity and spiritual formation. The first symposium is scheduled for February of 2022. 

Dr Ekaterina Lomperis and Dr Dan Brunner

 Dr. Dan Brunner and Dr. Ekaterina Lomperis, Grant Principals

“One of our key strategic priorities is to become a university known for the integration of science education and the Christian faith, and the promotion of intellectual Christianity,” said Ekaterina Lomperis, who, along with fellow Portland Seminary professor Dan Brunner, is the principal of the grant. “We look forward to using this grant to strengthen our work of intellectually equipping our students to interact with science as an ally, rather than as an adversary, of Christian faith."

The Science for Seminaries grant, awarded by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion program and funded by the John Templeton Foundation, in conjunction with the Association of Theological Schools, is part of a nationwide initiative to support seminaries in their efforts to incorporate forefront science into their core curricula and to prepare future clergy to address questions of science, ethics and religion with their congregations. 

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