Clinical Pastoral Education

MDiv Curriculum for Hospital Chaplaincy Students

  1. All the normal curriculum requirements for the MDiv degree.
  2. Internship requirement would be PSTD 565 CPE unit one (6 hours). The student would not take PSTD 575 Pastoral Internship.
  3. Students may substitute CMIN 520 Communication in Christian Ministry for PSTD 510 Essentials of Preaching.
  4. A student coming to the seminary with previous CPE units may be awarded up to a maximum of 9 credits.

Registering for PSTD 565 Clinical Pastoral Education

Students should apply for acceptance into an approved CPE center one year ahead of their desired internship date. In Oregon there are four centers: Legacy Health System, Oregon State Hospital, Providence/Portland Medical Center, and Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The ACPE directory with information concerning the centers, the contact persons, and application processes is available online at The student contacts the CPE coordinator at the preferred site, fills out an application, and pays the application fee. Once the student is accepted, he/she would register for PSTD 565. One unit of CPE is equal to 6 semester credits. CPE courses are graded Pass/No Pass. Upon completion of the training, the student submits the final supervision report to the seminary faculty director in order to record the course grade.

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