Admission Requirements

Admission to Portland Seminary’s Doctor of Ministry program is based on the following criteria:

Possession of the MDiv degree or its 72 graduate semester hour educational equivalent in theology or ministry from an accredited institution:
  • Applicants not holding the MDiv and requiring 18 hours of MDiv equivalent leveling work or less may be admitted into the program.
  • Applicants with greater than 18 hours of MDiv equivalent leveling work will not be permitted to enter the DMin program until he or she has reduced the remaining amount of required leveling work to 18 semester hours of MDiv equivalent leveling work or less.
  • Note: Certifications may apply toward leveling. For example, as a Renovare Institute Partner, applicants who have completed coursework within their certification in Christian Spiritual Formation are eligible for up to 10 hours of credit toward MDiv equivalency in the DMin program.
Possession of a competitive grade point average as reflected in one’s transcripts
For documents in languages other than English, please provide a certified translation. Note: grade slips/reports, computer printouts, internal transcripts are not acceptable. Any credits earned at a university outside the U.S. must be evaluated by one of our approved transcript evaluation partners.

The purpose is to confirm that the applicant's previous institution is the equivalent of regionally accredited school in the US (a requirement of our university accrediting body: ATS, NWCCU). In addition, the GPA conversion into US grading scale is necessary.

Cost ranges between $150 to $250 depending on the agency used and the type of evaluation needed.
Documentation of full-time participation in at least three years of ministry experience following the completion of the MDiv degree (or equivalent).
Evidence of the capacity for an advanced level of competence and reflection in the practice of ministry beyond that of the master's level.
Possession of writing skills sufficient to excel in an ATS-accredited DMin program.
As a part of the application process, applicants will submit a series of short essays and a academic writing sample. The essays and sample are evaluated on the basis of form (demonstrating a basic grasp of the mechanics of good writing) and content (demonstrating the ability to engage in critical thinking).
Possession of appropriate computer equipment and skills.
Applicants must own or have access to a laptop, three years old or newer, with appropriate software and Internet connectivity. Applicants must be proficient in their use of Microsoft Word. Additionally, they must be capable of performing basic Internet tasks such as sending and receiving e-mails with attachments, using social media services like Facebook, and utilizing the Google™ Apps Suite. They must also be able to type at least 30 words per minute with minimal errors.
English as a second language.
English as a second language applicants must demonstrate English proficiency. Evaluation generally includes some combination of TOEFL/IELTS scores, a verbal interview, and/or an assessment of written materials.
Declaration of Finance form.
This only applies to international students entering the United States for Advances or Retreat .

Any international DMin student requiring an I-20 to enter the United States for one or more of the DMin Retreats or Advances must complete a Declaration of Finance form and provide supportive documentation of family income and banking statements 
annually. Please be aware that you will need to prepare to pay a SEVIS (Exchange Visitor Information System) I-901 fee of $350 per US intensive. To learn more, see the International Graduate Admissions webpage for details.

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