Preparing for the First Semester

After completing the application and admissions process for the Leadership and Global Perspectives DMin program, students may begin to prepare for the first semester of study.

Gaining "Student" Status at George Fox Evangelical Seminary

Follow the Application Process to apply to officially become a student at George Fox Evangelical Seminary. This process includes the following:

  • Apply for one of the DMin tracks

  • Be officially accepted into the DMin program

  • Pay the $200 enrollment deposit

Status as a student allows access to the registration, academics, and directory tabs in MyGFU. Additionally, Heather Rainey becomes your primary contact person:

Heather Rainey

Heather Rainey

Administrative Assistant for the Doctor of Ministry programs

Office: 1-503-554-6162

Steps to prepare for the first semester

Following acceptance into the program, preparation for the first semester includes the following tasks:

  1. Join the LGP DMin Cohort Facebook Group site to begin connecting with other students:

    • LGP6 DMin Cohort Facebook Group. This facebook group will become an integral part of your learning community. In it will be posted announcements, reading lists, travel suggestions, and prayer requests. Regardless of your proficiency with Facebook, please make it a point to join and participate in this group.

    • Your Facebook settings can be adjusted so that you receive updates from your cohort group directly to your email inbox. To enable this feature:

      • Navigate to your Facebook cohort group by clicking on the appropriate link above

      • Underneath the banner photo the top of the page, click on the word, "Notifications," at right.

      • Ensure that "All Posts" is selected.

    • You can post directly to the LGP6 Facebook group via

    • Replying to an email from your Facebook group will generate a comment on that piece of content within the Facebook group.

  2. You may choose to begin to participate in the conversation right away at the "public" course site Feel free to engage with any of the blog posts there that are being created by current LGP cohort members.

  3. Obtain a passport, if you do not have one.

  4. Obtain visitor's Visa for the upcoming advance location (if needed, check with your country of citizenship).

  5. Once the university has received the enrollment deposit, register for the first semester courses not later than Aug. 15.

    • Students register for all courses usingMyGFU

    • If you do not know your username or password, contact the IT Service Desk:

      • Email:

      • Phone: 1-503-554-2569 or 1-800-765-4369

    • After paying the enrollment deposit and receiving confirmation of matriculation from the admissions office, register for the following fall semester courses after July 1:

      • Go tohttp://mygfu.georgefox.eduand log in with your GFU username and password.

      • Select "Self Service" > "Student Center" > "Enroll"

      • Enter the course ID in the "Enter Class Number" field for each of the courses listed below and select "Enter" to add the course to your "Shopping Cart":

        • DMIN 713 G6: Introduction to Research Resources (Class number: TBD)

        • DMIN 716 G6: Customized Course I (Class number: TBD)

        • DMIN 717 G6: Engaging Leadership Concepts - Global Concerns in Historical Perspective (Class number: TBD)

      • Note:You are not registered until the class has been added to your schedule. To add the class to your schedule, click the "Proceed to Step 2 of 3" button.

      • Click the "Finish Enrolling" button. You will see a confirmation message that the class has been added to your schedule.

      • To check to make sure that you have properly registered, check your "My Class Schedule". You will see all of your classes and their status.

    • Fill out theEnrollment Confirmation Formafter August 15. Log in using your GFU username and password.

  6. Log into the Google course site,GFU Google E-mail, and FoxFiles once before the fall semester begins. You use the same username and password as you use forMyGFU.

  7. Purchase or borrow the books to read and software to use during the first semester listed below. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials are listed in alphabetical order:

    • DMIN713: The following texts are to be read during the fall semester, in this order:

      • Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. 8th edition (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2013). ISBN: 0226816389 (pbk)

      • TBD

    • DMIN716: Determined by the student in consultation with his/her Faculty Advisor.

    • DMIN717: The following texts are to be read during the fall semester, in this order:

      • TBD

  8. Be sure to to be available for weekly synchronous chats on the following dates, generally Mondays, at 3-4pm BST/GMT (British Summer Time/Greenwich Mean Time), unless noted otherwise:

      • Mon, Aug. 31

      • TBD

  9. Complete the following "Ramp up" assignments in preparation for the first advance:

  10. Attend the Orientation Advance:
    • The advances constitute a central learning experience in the LGP DMin program. Students participate in the research courses, connect with cohort members in person, and spend time with Lead Mentor Jason Clark and guest lecturers from the participating schools or from the locality. The first advance for the cohort is Sept. 22-30, 2015.

    • The 2015 Orientation Advance will be hosted at the following locations:

      • Hong Kong

    • Food and lodging are provided with incidentals excepted. Wireless internet connectivity will be available. Students are responsible for all air-travel and local transport (car rental, taxi, bus, etc) for all advances.

    • Please make travel arrangements within the parameters specified below:

      • Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015 by 6pm: Arrive at the hotel.

      • Wednesday, Sept. 30 2015 @ 9pm: Advance officially concludes. Students may depart anytime Thursday Oct. 1 or later.

    • Spouses are welcome to attend the Advance for an additional fee. See the Orientation Advance schedule above for details.

  11. Access GFU Google site module 01 website and begin coursework on Monday, Aug. 31, 2015.

    • Log into GFU Google sites and access the module 01 site from your GFU Google sites homepage. All coursework that must be kept "private" will be available within GFU Google sites

    • If you do not know your username or password, contact the IT Service Desk:

      • Email:

      • Phone: 1-503-554-2569 or 1-800-765-4369

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