Biblical Studies

Do you have a passion for Scripture? This specialization provides opportunities to dig deeper into Old Testament and New Testament studies and interpreting biblical languages.

If you plan on furthering scholarly pursuits and/or want to be equipped for lifelong preaching and teaching from biblical texts, this specialization is for you.

Offered with:

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seminary students stand outside praying for an individual


Are you called to comfort those in distress? Are you drawn to help those in crisis or in grief? This specialization is designed to develop a framework for understanding how to be a thoughtful presence to diverse populations and in various contexts.

Offered with:

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Christian History and Theology

What is the foundation of our faith? What historic events and movements have shaped us? These and other questions are addressed in this specialization, which provides the opportunity for specialized study of topics such as Christian ethics, women in church history, the history of various traditions and movements, as well as intercultural studies and eco-theology.

Offered with:

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Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

What role will you play in disciplining others? This specialization is designed to train discerning and gifted people as spiritual guides in the Christian tradition and develop ministry skills for helping others become more Christlike in their everyday lives.

Offered with:

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