Creation Care Specialization

Creation Care Specialization

Jesus lived, died, and rose again to restore the whole created order to what it was intended to be, and that process doesn’t stop at washing away individual sin. It also involves redeeming the very soil on which we tread. Today’s Christians must enter into that process of renewal. The eco-crisis isn’t going away, and it’s disproportionately harming the poor and marginalized—the very people Jesus insisted we love. 

Students in the creation care program wrestle with stewardship, study the theology of creation, and learn about God through studying and experiencing the earth, all for the purpose of cultivating an informed passion for God’s artistry and our home. Faculty believe it’s important not only to study creation in the abstract, but to spend time out in it. Students visit environmentally-centered ministries, tackle ecological restoration projects with local partners, and engage in spiritual practices outdoors.

Portland Seminary is the only evangelical seminary with a specialization in creation care. Nestled into one of the nation’s most environmentally conscious cities, the seminary provides an opportunity to network with nonprofit, business, and government leaders who are working to more effectively co-exist with nature.

Offered With

Who It’s For

  • Students who want to pursue a path of environmental advocacy
  • Pastors curious about a new way to engage with the community beyond church walls
  • Students who are passionate about taking care of the poor
  • Nonprofit or business leaders interested in establishing greener policies at their organizations

Course Requirements

CHTH 546 Ecotheology I: Theology & Stewardship of Creation 2
CHTH 547 Ecotheology II: Hope and New Creation 2
CHTH 548 Ecopraxis I: Keeping the Garden 2
CHTH 549 Ecopraxis II: Greening the Church 2
PSTD/MLDR 568 Specialized Apprenticeship I 2
PSTD/MLDR 569 Specialized Apprenticeship II 2