Biblical Studies

This 12-hour specialization provides opportunities to dig deeper into Old Testament and New Testament studies and interpreting biblical languages. It can serve to equip students who plan on furthering scholarly pursuits and enrich preparation for lifelong preaching and teaching from biblical texts.

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This 12-hour specialization is designed to develop a framework for understanding how to be a thoughtful presence to diverse populations and in various contexts, who may be experiencing crisis or grief.

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Christian History and Theology

This 12-hour specialization provides the opportunity for specialized study of topics such as Christian ethics, women in church history, history of various traditions and movements, as well as focused study on the doctrine of God, Christ or the Holy Spirit.

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Creation Care

Creation Care is the church’s response to the ecological crisis and God’s command to “keep” the Earth (Genesis 2:15). This 12-hour specialization is designed to form evangelical leaders who will cultivate the care of creation in their communities.

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Elective Studies Option

Customization gives the student the ability to design the program to fit his or her particular calling, ministry setting, or interest.

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Intercultural Studies

The Intercultural Studies specialization should be considered if you:

  • are drawn to a strong deconstructive/reconstructive element in education
  • have interest in Indigenous peoples and other cultures and religions
  • are looking for elements in education that match new ways of doing church
  • want a diversity of voices in theological education
  • desire something different than what you might receive in a more traditional classroom
  • want a deeper theological understanding of Christ and culture

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This 12-hour specialization equips new leaders and stretches established leaders. It is designed to form reflective practitioners, grounded in the Christian traditions, and develop thoughtful and skilled leadership practitioners in ministry and bi-vocational contexts.

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Spiritual Direction

This 12-hour specialization offers the theoretical basis for understanding the practice of spiritual direction and provides the learning context to develop related skills. This is a required training component for becoming a certified spiritual director after the successful completion of a graduate degree program and supervision.

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Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

This 12-hour specialization is designed to train discerning and gifted people as spiritual guides in the Christian tradition and develop ministry skills for helping others become more Christlike in their everyday living.

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