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What is a studio?

Studios are digitally-forward advanced courses that connect students with faculty and vocational experts in a small-group environment. It is through these courses that students hone their specialization and vocational skills. By combining the best of online and face-to-face instruction, these courses allow students to have flexible schedules while still building close relationships with peers and mentors in their field.

Key elements of a studio

Specialized – Studios are about depth, not breadth. Studios build on core classes and empower students with rich expertise. Studios may include the creation of a useful artifact, such as a sermon series or business plan.

Relational – Studio courses are designed to help students be known—both by their peers and their instructors. Studios foster engagement, collaboration, and mentorship.

Vocational – Studio courses help prepare students for life after seminary by offering connections to people and opportunities outside the school. 

Holistic – Studio courses are designed to  shape the mind, heart, and body. Students participate in immersive face-to-face experiences—such as retreats or trips to local cultural sites—that engage the whole self.

Innovative – Each studio course is taught as a hybrid between an online and traditional course, which blends the flexibility of remote learning with the power of relational connection. 

Who can attend? How do you sign up?

Summer studios are designed for seminary masters students and members of the community at large. Alumni, local pastors, special students, and friends of current students are all encouraged to attend. Thinking about becoming a masters student at a later time? This is a great way to see what the masters program is all about! 

How to register as a SPECIAL STUDENT.

How to audit as a SEMINARY ALUMNUS.



Contact Tiona Cage, Associate Director of Masters Programs or 503-554-6035