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A studio is a small learning community

What is a studio?

A studio is an upper-level course that connects students with faculty and vocational experts in a small-group, mentorship environment. These summative courses provide a unique opportunity for students to “be known” by experts, “belong” to a small like-minded learning community, and “become” prepared for particular vocations.

Key elements of a studio

  1. Specializations – Most studio courses fit within a specialization and are taught at a more advanced level and build upon core courses. The subject matter is narrow and aims for depth rather than breadth. Students will select a specialization based on the programs chosen and particular academic and vocational interests. 
  2. Mentorship – Faculty members and other leaders serve not only as “teachers” in studios, but mentors who aim to come alongside students in the studio and journey with them with the benefit of advanced knowledge and experience in the subject area.
  3. Holistic – Studio courses aim to be holistic, that is offering educational experiences that that seek to shape the person and community mind, heart, and body. 
  4. Be Known (6-12 students) – Studio courses by design are meant to offer a more personal setting with 6-12 students, fostering a community of dialogue and reflection as well as a collegial relationship with faculty and fellow students.
  5. Liminal and Vocational – As studio courses tend to come towards the end of a degree program, part of their function is to connect students to communities and opportunities outside the seminary. This may come through educational experiences with religious organizations, other academic bodies, or vocation-specific entities. Studios will serve an important role in fostering and utilizing our relationship with partner-institutions such as the Leadership Center, the Friends Center, and the Center for Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies.