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Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Certificate


The Certificate in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship is a non-degree program designed to train students in the transformative work of Christian formation and discipleship. The Certificate in Spiritual Formation is designed for:

  • Persons who desire training in biblical and theological studies, in spiritual formation, and in discipleship
  • Persons who feel called to spiritual-formation ministry in the church or parachurch settings
  • Professionals who desire formational experiences and training in an academic environment

The Curriculum

The Certificate is focused on expanding biblical and theological knowledge, deepening awareness of God and self, integrating life experiences, and enhancing Christ-like spiritual practices, so that students can demonstrate characteristics of Jesus in their vocational contexts. Our understanding of spiritual formation involves the intersection of Scripture, theology, and social-cultural factors. The focus of our curriculum, therefore, is on developing awareness, increasing empathy and compassion skills, and building distinct spiritual practices that promote authentic Christian discipleship

The Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Certificate will:

Develop the student's capacity for theological reflection regarding the psychological and socio-cultural dynamics that are at play in becoming transformative agents of Christ’s love

  • Equip students to develop habits of authentic disciplines that center on thinking and living in Christ’s presence
  • Foster socio-cultural awareness and relational skills that foster maturity into God’s fullness
  • Offer tools for cultivating and communicating authentic Christian discipleship