Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Specialization

Where is GodCalling

You to serve?

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Spiritual formation and discipleship is in Portland Seminary’s DNA. Our desire is to nurture your spiritual formation journey so that you, in turn, can apply it to your ministry context – be that serving as a children’s pastor, a missionary abroad, or as the leader of a small group.

Where is God calling you to serve? No matter the setting, a specialization in spiritual formation and discipleship will develop your inner life in Christ and provide you practical tools to companion with others on their faith journeys.

The Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Specialization can be pursued with the Master of Divinity program as a spiritual formation degree.

Pursue this specialization if ...

  • You wish to serve specific populations in your congregation through ministries such as children’s classes, youth group, or men’s and women’s groups
  • You are passionate about serving as a missionary domestically or abroad
  • You are interested in developing liturgical practices for worship
  • You wish to spiritually form individuals on retreats or in small-group ministries

Our Spiritual Formation Faculty

Though our faculty come from a rich diversity of cultural and theological backgrounds, all are committed to listening and encouraging one another, and growing together to be more like Christ.

Course Requirements (12 hours)

SFAD 551 Awareness and Identity I
SFAD 552 Awareness and Identity II
SFAD 555 Seminar in Spiritual Formation & Discipleship I
SFAD 565 Seminar in Spiritual Formation & Discipleship II
SFAD 571 Becoming a Spiritual Companion I
SFAD 572 Becoming a Spiritual Companion II


Michael Simmons

Michael Simmons, MA

Admissions Counselor, Seminary