Postural Assist


Our client is Providence CMFC (Center for Medically Fragile Children). This program takes in children with various disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, and helps rehabilitate and take care of the children in ways that complement their parents. The center is open for children from approximately ages 3-18.

Basic Project Description

The current project involves developing a device that will give a user feedback concerning the position of their head in 3d space. Originally developed for the blind to let them know if their head was hanging down, the device is now being designed as a therapy device to help strengthen handicapped children’s necks by providing motivation to keep their head up.


The current status of the project involves developing the second prototype of the earpiece described below. As the solution is developed to a more adequately suited design, testing will help to determine if it is ready for practical use.

Possible Solutions

The current solution is an earpiece that is in its second prototype phase. It looks like a Bluetooth device and vibrates when the users head tilts past a designated angle. It has a tare button for zeroing and turning on the device and two dials to control the angle at which the device goes off and to control the intensity of the vibration.